August 19, 2013

An Unexpected Weekend

This weekend was completely unexpected. But it was fun. We introduced our Lucky man, Tau’aho, to traveling.

After being in the house for several months, Lady Hiva was itching to see some of the sights. We left on Saturday morning with the goal of being in Virginia Beach for the afternoon. We loaded our car with all the things you need for a baby...I couldn't believe how much STUFF a  guy so little needs.

HOWEVER, once we hit the 25 miles radius of Fredericksburg, VA people stop knowing how to drive. It took us four hours extra! FOUR hours.  Once we finally made it to Williamsburg, VA we decided that we were not going to make it to the beach for a while, so we stopped and found a hotel.

The last time we were here in Williamsburg—three years ago—we only were here for the Halloween celebration at Busch Gardens. Yes, it was planned for Halloween time—Lady Hiva’s favorite. After we found our hotel we spent the next several hours exploring the well-kept, quaint historical university town.

The brick laid streets and colonial homes were beautiful. The campus of William and Mary is impeccable. Lady and I found ourselves walking aimlessly around the botanical gardens and in and out of the stores. Of course Lady’s favorite stop was the candy store and mine was the Christmas shop.

Because we didn’t have change of clothes for our unplanned stay, so we were lucky to be at a tourist town. At a tourist town is teaming with corny t-shirts. We bought to tourist shirts and then went to buy extra diapers and we were set!

The next morning it was rainy. Just a light rain though. We put Lucky in a carrier and we walked the dirt streets of the colonial village. The actors dressed up in colonial attire and re-enacted scenes from our country’s history. You couldn’t help but be patriotic as they talked about the Declaration of Independence and how it changed their lives—and ours with it.  

We made the remaining trip to Virginia Beach in the rain. However, when we passed Norfolk and went under the tunnel of the Chesapeake we surfaced to sunny blue skies!~

The rest of the afternoon was gorgeous.

Lady and I put Lucky in a stroller and we explored Virginia Beach. The boardwalk, long stretch of sand and small stores gave it the feeling of Florida’s beaches. I told Lady Hiva that I would like to live near a beach again sometime, running up and down the boardwalk could be a daily event.

We even had Hawaiian Shave Ice. YAY! (Sadly, no azuki beans though)

Heading back home from our impromptu holiday I thought we were going to make good time, but as soon as we hit the 25 mile radius of Fredericksburg, the drivers all forgot their heads again! WHAT IS GOING ON?!! Remind me to never live there!

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