March 03, 2021

Telling Stories With Rocks


A few years ago I had a desk that was next to an amazing person--Patti Rokus. As you normally do when you have cubicles next to each other, Patti and I talked about life. We have both since moved on to other career moves since that time, but some things stick. 

One of the things Patti shared with me, and with our family, is her love of telling stories with rocks. At the time she was piloting a storybook for Easter about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She gave a copy to us and that has been a family favorite over the years. Especially because Lucky Dragon LOVES rocks. He collects them from all over the world. 

In the recent General Primary Broadcast with the General Primary Presidency from our Church, Patti made an appearance and taught children from all over the world how to tell stories with rocks. Our little Muggles were so excited to see her. "Hey! That is your friend! We gave us her book!" 

For Family Home Evening this week we decided to go find our own rocks and tell stories. We collected rocks from the banks of Utah Lake. It was fun to forage for rocks and get excited as each of us found a rock that was "SO COOL!!" 

We brought our rocks home and washed them all up ready to represent our thoughts! Can't have dirty rocks for that! HAHA

As they were drying Lucky Dragon could not help but start. As we were doing other things he made a menagerie of dinosaurs. It came complete with volcano and a sun! 
Our first task during Family Home Evening was Koala Bear gave a lesson on the importance of baptism. Lucky Dragon will be baptized this year if he chooses to, so we have been talking quite a bit about what it means. After the lesson we each had to make a rock tableau representing baptism. When we were done we each took turns telling what it all meant. 

This is my future representation of Lucky Dragon's baptism. He is coming up out of the font. I am holding his hand. Lady Hiva and Koala Bear are on the left watching (notice the long hair) and the angels in Heaven are watching from above. 

Lucky Dragon depicted the baptism happening in the chapel...notice the roof and the steeple. He is under the water being baptized (see the person prostrated). I am the one baptizing him. 

Lady Hiva chose to represent her own baptism. You can see her dad baptizing her on the very right. She is holding his hand. Her mum is watching on the left standing above the stairs down into the font. She has a birthday cake with an 8 on top because she was baptized on her 8th birthday and then there are some balloons to celebrate. 

Next we all had to make an animal. Lady Hiva made a shark eating a jellyfish. 

I made a bird (above) and Lucky Dragon made a giraffe (below)/ 

Our next challenge was to make flowers. I made a bouquet in a vase. Lucky Dragon made seeds falling from a packet. and Lady hiva made a dandelion blowing away in the wind. 

This was a REALLY fun activity! It is something we will do again for sure in the future. Thank you, Patti, for inspiring us!

February 16, 2021

Valentines Celebrations

 We try to have Valentines be a fun day for the family. Both of the kids were excited to give out Valentines at school. Their classes were, thankfully, still doing the tradition. Many of the schools in the area opted to not do it for COVID reasons. 

We sat down as a family to build a Lego Valentines Day box for Lucky Dragon. It turned out really awesome. He was excited and said that all of his classmates liked it so much "they gave me two candies!" 

We had a big week just before this, so we wanted to keep it low key. But when I took the Muggles to Sam's Club with me to get some groceries, they both wanted to choose some flowers for Lady Hiva. They chose some beautiful roses!~ 
We then did some Valentines for their classes and for a family party with Madre and Kell and family. Koala Bear was great in writing all of her own Valentines. I thought she would give up, but she never did. This girl powers through! 

Lady Hiva was so excited that her university offered an online cooking class. They sent her the food and then they all jumped on to cook together. She had so much fun and Koala Bear did too. She is growing into a great cook and baker like her mum. The dish they created was a Thai curry chicken. It was AMAZING! So much so, we went and bought all the ingredients to have it again. I was in class teaching so Lady Hiva saved me a plate of it. When I came down to eat she told me "it is so good that I licked my plate clean..." I laughed thinking she was just using hyperbole. But when I finished my food, I too, licked my plate (Something neither of us ever do!). 

Every time that it is a chance to celebrate Lady Hiva, Lucky Dragon wants to get her flowers and chocolate. He knows that not just any chocolate, but See's chocolate. (She has trained him well with the chocolate. The flowers he chooses roses every time. Something that he likes, but they are not necessarily her favorites). Lady Hiva had gone to Costco while I was working and she came home and told me, "I bought gift cards for See's for you to give to me to save you time!" LOL

I decided to do something funny for Lady Hiva. I took some of our favorite foods and made notes! It was fun. 

Then in the evening we went to eat at a Thai restaurant. Last year we did Indian food, so this year was Thai food! 

We drove down to Beaver in the snow (I feel like we have had more snow in FEB and the end of JAN than we received the rest of winter combined!). 

Lady Hiva's whole goal was to get Ginger's recipes. The two of them had so much fun talking about recipes while we smelled warm fresh bread.