May 24, 2020

Goodbye to Mongoose, Welcome to Raven

 Mongoose has been part of our family for longer than the kids have. When Lucky Dragon was small he would include Mongoose when he told people who was in his family. But after being the vehicle we brought both kids home, moving with us to two different countries and two different was time to say goodbye.

 We have been looking for a larger vehicle with less miles. We found several of them to look at. It is always shocking to see how sales people are different.  Some are good to work with, others are rude and pushy. We found a perfect vehicle at a small family run dealership. They were so good about it. Rand's Auto. Not pushy, really helpful, not fake, and just normal.

We bought the car and went back to leave Mongoose. Lucky Dragon was devistated. He cried and cried and cried. He kept one od the license plates for his room. The other day he and Koala Bear were watching movies and they had the plated sitting with them.

 Welcome to Raven. She is sleek and powerful. Plenty of room for us all. Lady Hiva and I both were worried about the black color...but we liked the low miles and everything else it had.

May 20, 2020

Graduation--Corona Style

This year there have been so many new "firsts." With COVID-19 we are all trying to find ways to celebrate birthdays, go shop, have church etc. Graduation was no different. A few weeks ago I was pressure washing the house and thought about our graduates from our local congregation. I thought we should be able to share an experience with them so they knew they were/are loved and we are proud of them. 

Several of the other leaders and parents of the graduates pitched in and made that vision a reality. It was amazing!  We planned the parade around the chapel parking lot. This allowed for families to be there and greet guests while maintaining social distancing requirements. 
 Parents setting up for their graduates. It was so WINDY, but still fun.
 I did some preparation by painting some signs with the graduates' names. And we created "survival" bags for them as they start their new adventures.

 I loved seeing their smiling faces and all the family and friends that came to support them!