December 07, 2017

Tis The Season!

This time of year is amazing, as I have outlined in other blog posts. We are really focusing on Christ and serving others. It is so much fun to do this as a family.

Lady Hiva has baked bread every night for the last week so we could give warm bread to our neighbors. It was amazing bread. It leaves our home smelling like fresh bread--a smell that reminds us of the streets of Europe and of Ginger's kitchen. We kept one loaf of the first batch and ate it with Lady Hiva's homemade Strawberry/cherry jam and apricot butter (all made with fresh fruit ingredients)...yes, she is quite the whiz in the kitchen. It is delicious. The rest of the week we gave away all of the loaves she made. Last night as we went to sleep Lady and I commented on the still fresh scent of bread and the fact that although we did not eat any of it, we were full of love because we served others. She is an amazing example to me of someone that gives an serves always. She is home kneading bread to give to others (on top of all the other things she does each day with a 4 year old and a toddler in the house) instead of the myriad of things that she could be doing for herself.  A walking example of the type of person I strive to be each day. ...So that smell of fresh bread was more than a delicious smell, it is an outward testament of love. Love for Lady, love for others, love for the is the scent of joy, peace and love.

As we deliver these loaves, Lucky Dragon loves to be the one that says "Merry Christmas." He gets so into it that he almost yells it--scaring a few people. One time he was distracted by something and simply handed them the bread and said, "here." hahaha

Koala Bear dressed up and ready to go deliver bread...she call her a pink seal in this outfit

As it is also, at least in Utah, the season for COLD (which none of us in our house appreciates very much) we are preparing. One of the things that we did that has made a HUGE difference is insulating the garage door. A garage door pre-insulated is expensive and the pre-made/pre-cut pieces are also not cheap. So we purchased 4 large Styrofoam insulation and cut it into rectangles. The final product is that our garage is regulated easily. It becomes misleading when I leave for work, the garage is warmer so when I don't wear a coat and get out at work I am shocked! haha!

The other day Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon made a and decorated sugar cookie family. I came down and they showed me all of our family. Lady told me that Lucky Dragon would only allow her to put "a little hair" on the cookie representing me. I, jokingly, said, "Why? I have hair." He looked up seriously at my head and said, with an incredulous-that-you-would-even-say-that-dad laugh, "No you don't!"

December 02, 2017

Temple Square Lights--An Annual Tradition

 We have been back in the States for 3 Christmas' now (and have celebrated them in three different houses) YIKES!! That is a crazy thought. We have made sure to do all we can to make the season about giving, loving and caring for others. This year we decided to the the Light the World campaign. #lighttheworld Which is 25 ways to serve in 25 days.

The first day was about giving instead of receiving. Here is the video for day #1. We watched the video together and then Lucky Dragon chose some stuffed animals that we donated to the local police station for their vehicles to give to children when they have to take them from their homes. He was so excited to do that.

As we were talking Lady Hiva read the scripture that correlated with the theme of giving instead of buying for ourselves. She asked what giving freely meant and I answered that it meant to give or receive things for free, or without money. Lucky Dragon said, in a secretive whisper, "That sounds pretty much like stealing!" HAHA. I guess in some ways in kind of does. I hope the message sinks in eventually...

We then went to enjoy the lights at Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City. This has bee a tradition for the three years we are here. Thankfully it was warmer this year than other years. We had fun looking at the lights, seeing the story of the Nativity told with life sized models and of course , our favorite, the Christus statue in the Visitor's Center.

The true reminder of what Christmas is about

We also went to see the vending machines in the video and the long line of people wanting to "give" through the vending machine. Lucky Dragon wanted to do it, but I told him we could come back another day when it was less busy. We did go to the vending machine that gives out ideas of ways to serve others. He chose which one he wanted to vend and was so happy when it came out--he said, "Let's go give!" As we walked away he would be quiet for awhile then say, "Dust, how are you going to light the world?" I would answer then we would talk about the way that would serve others. He then would ask Lady Hiva the same question. So maybe the lesson is sinking in a little bit anyway.
The line for the vending machines to give #lighttheworld