May 23, 2018

Celebrating Happy Milestones

I was lucky enough to do a photo-shoot with an amazing senior this week. She graduates this year and we are so happy for her. This year has been one full of emotional roller-coasters, but she still has a smile on her face and is full of love for everyone around her.

We had fun taking photos, some of my favorites are the un-staged laughter when she did not know I was taking them. Some of those moments came when she stuck her hand in a large spider web or when I had her get her feet muddy by the edge of the river. She was a good sport.

Lucky Dragon even pulled some weeds and made her a bouquet. She was kind enough to take a photo with it as well.

These photos show her beauty without and within, I am glad that I was invited to take them.

May 21, 2018

Sticking With the European Trend

We are striving to stick with the European trend in the house--the newest edition is window boxes. Lady Hiva has wanted them for some time and we have had other projects to finish first. This weekend, however, we were out enjoying the beautiful weather and Lady said she would still love to have them.

So in a quick trip to Home Depot we had all the materials. Poor Mongoose has to be treated like a truck once in awhile. But he doesn't complain, so life moves on! hehe.

We arrived home around 2030h and I quickly started. I was done with three boxes before long. Lucky Dragon was there for the whole experience. It was fun to have him loving the building. I told him that we could build something that he wants later. He sat and planned it all out so I knew. So that will be our next project!

The next morning we went out and stained them. It was a bit more red of a stain that Lady Hiva and I thought it would be, but they still looked good. Lucky Dragon again was there at my side. It was seriously joy to my ears to hear him say, "We are painting buddies. I like painting because we spend time together." I guess we will find more painting to do. I hope he always wants to do projects with me. I am sure at some point he will not need or want that, so I will cherish these moments as long as I can.

By the end of the evening yesterday we had them up on the wall. So from purchase to installment it was about 12 hours (including sleep time and Church time!).

The way that I build projects or anything is that I visualize how they will work together in my mind. Kind of the way the surgeon in the GOOD DOCTOR does for surgery. Then I go to building it. I remember one time having someone ask me, "Have you done this before?" As I was hanging a large porch swing on their house. The answer was "No" it really comes down to basic principles and then visualizing potential obstacles and overcoming them. Obviously some obstacles you can't envision and you problem solve as you go along. For example, with this project I wanted to make all my cuts before it was too late and in doing so, cut two boards a bit short. So I found a way to make it work without wasting any boards.

I must say that sometimes a project does not turn out how I envisioned. Or not as good as I had wanted. But with this I was pleasantly happy with how they look. Hopefully, Lady Hiva is too! I cannot wait until they are full of flowers!

UPDATE: Flowers are purchased and planted!