December 03, 2019

Luminaria--Lighting the World

It is Christmas! YAY! As you all know, I love this time of year. It is a chance to focus on doing what we can to honor the Savior. We have tried to to find ways to have the season be about the true meaning of Christmas by finding ways to give and love others. The #lighttheworld initiative has helped with that. We have made that part of our family daily scripture study. It has been fun to talk about whom we think is Christlike. (Lucky Dragon and I had the same first impression: Lady Hiva).

Last night we went to Thanksgiving Point for the Luminaria event. We drive past it every day several times and we can see the glowing lights. We have never been before. It was amazing. As most things at Thanksgiving Point are.

With lights, smells, music and technology there is truly a pleasure of the senses. We stopped and watched the lights dance to popular Christmas tunes; we ran around the colorful maze together, we stopped and smelled the wafting flower scent above the lighted tulips, Lucky Dragon loved the smell and sights of the Peppermint Lane.

We stopped and played the games--a giant "Lite-Brite" and a sleigh themed skeet ball. We also stopped to have the kids make their own lantern to carry around. It was very interactive. Even though it was cold, it was fun. We could even stop and warm our hands at one of the many fire pits around the walk.

 Lucky Dragon wanted to sit on Santa's lap for the first time ever in his life. (it may have been to get a candy cane). Koala Bear REFUSED to get close.

My favorite part of Ashton Gardens is the Light of the World statue tribute to the life of Jesus Christ. These larger than life statues depict some of the most amazing parts of the Savior's life. It was special to be there and find a few moments to talk about the scene with the kids. I was surprised to see that there are a few people that walked through that did not even seem to see the grandeur of the display. As they walked past some stopped in reverence, others were discussing work, stocks and the latest ball game.

As they did this I could not help but think how that is how we are in life--when there is good, beauty and miracles around us, we sometimes (I am one of the most guilty) are so focused on "doing" that we miss the opportunity to see the divine.