October 27, 2019

Candy, Candy, and More Candy

The last week still has plenty of Halloween celebrations. We have found a few days to make it to Cornbelly's before it closes. On Saturday we did not stay long because it was WINDY! There was dirt flying everywhere. We still had fun though.

Lady Hiva built a "Spook Alley" one day for the kids. They loved it!

Lucky Dragon followed suit and designed his own version of a Halloween Alley in his bedroom.

Our local church congregation had a Trunk-or-Treat. Lady Hiva decorated the trunk to look like Hogwarts and won the best trunk award. That was cool because there were some GREAT trunks! The kids were so excited about the candy that they can.

The next day we had Trick-or-Treat at my work. This is quickly becoming a family tradition for us. Lucky Dragon asked about it as soon as he knew it was Halloween season. The teams in the building go all out on decorations because they have a competition. Our group decided to have the theme of "Candyland." I was assigned (as every year) to paint the photo backdrop. Lady Hiva and I painted it together. It was fun to be creative with her. I think it turned out really well. I loved seeing people take photos with the board.

By the time we finished walking around the building, I had to empty their buckets into a bag three times. We had so much candy that my hand hurt from carrying that bag! HAHA. Koala Bear loved that she was dressed in her Jasmine outfit. The last several weeks she has started a new thing where she tells us that her name is Jasmine and she does not answer to anything but Jasmine. As we walked through the halls at work she would see another girl dressed like Jasmine and instead of saying, "There is another Jasmine" she would proudly point and say, "She is dressed up as me! That is me!" LOL.

This girl LOVEs her nails, crowns and shoes

 The week was fun but exhausting!