January 29, 2019

Frogs, Penguins and Otters

Lucky Dragon wanted to go to the aquarium this weekend. He has wanted to go every time we pass the building (you can see it from the freeway). So we went. I was actually surprised to see how much improvement they have done to the aquarium since the last time we were there.

There is plenty to see and explore. Both kids loved to see all of the animals. We walked from display and tank to display and tank watching the sea creatures go about their business. Koala Bear loved the otters and smaller fish because she could see them flit and frolic around. She would also giggle as the penguins would float by blowing bubbles. She also enjoyed climbing on the many large animals throughout the area. The neon colored frogs were especially a hit. She was not quite brave enough to stick her hand in and feel the fish in the 'touch' pools. Hopefully next time she will be willing--for now watching was sufficient! haha

Lucky Dragon was intrigued by the animals that he recognized from scouring the beaches and rocks in Hawaii. It is fun to see that he is in the stage of not only seeing the animals, but he wants to ask questions about them and understand more about them. The river fish larger than us and the sharks were some of his favorites.

All you see above the water

What is lurking below

Anaconda (just a small one, only 14 feet long)

It was a great day. We will have to go back more often. Nature truly does provide so much for us to wonder about.