October 11, 2015

A Tree in the Bedroom

 As you can see from the last post, our lives have been a constant turn over from one project to the next. In fact, each day I think that we are done with “projects” but I know deep dpwn that is merely what I tell myself so I can go to sleep and my neighbors can rest in peace from all the noise. Then the next day there are more things to do—I built two large shelves in the garage yesterday. With each project I love the feeling of success and accomplishment. There is one, however, that I am particularly proud of: the tree in Tau’aho’s bedroom.

We had gone to a nearby museum and saw a fake tree in the souvenir shop. I looked all over for one to buy for Lucky Dragon’s room. They were all either too expensive or did not respond. So I decided to just make one myself. As with anything else creative—writing, photography, art, building—once I have it in my head I am constantly thinking through the mechanics of developing it until I have finally started and completed it. Some projects evolve as I create them to overcome unseen obstacles, others don’t turn out quite like they looked in my mind’s eye, however, some I am pleased with the end product.

Knowing that sometimes my ideas don’t turn out, Lady Hiva said she did not want me to do the tree…but I did it anyway. (not recommended to try at home)

 I had to get it all out. I took three pieces of wood and made them a moon shaped dome. Next, I used scrap wood to create the branches. It nearly took up half of the garage and when people would come and ask what it was they would look at me with doubt it was going to turn out. But I had faith in my vision. I guess that is much like life, when others doubt and the project seems bigger than we had planned, we have to hold tight to the vision we had and finish.

I then took small chicken wire to create some density to the tree and covered that with paper mâché. 

Once that dried, I spray painted it black then several different colors of brown. Lady Hiva was finally beginning to see the vision! YAY!

It dried and then we had to struggle to get it into the house and bedroom. That alone was comical. Once in, I secured it to the wall and ceiling then added leaves and twinkle lights. Lucky Boy came into the room and said with all excitement, “Oooh! A kisa-mas tree!” He loves to have it on while we read books and show it off to people that come visit.

I am so glad that it turned out. I am glad Lady Hiva likes it too. Now, it is not perfect, but to have something my little guy likes and is happy about, makes me happy too. So, despite proving you can build your own tree, just remember that no matter what anyone else says, believe in yourself and your own creativity. If you cannot quite do it, then remember I BELIEVE IN YOU! (that should at least get you started)

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Thank you for everything you said. Thank you for this tree. I'm very moved and delighted.