June 22, 2020

A Disney Father's Day

 For Father's Day this year, Lady Hiva and my two muggles decided to make it a Disney theme. They dressed up in their Disney attire (which for Koala Bear is not unusual) and decorated the house with all the Disney toys we have--apparently, we have A LOT! I guess when COVID keeps you from Disney for awhile, you bring Disney home!
 They painted signs to welcome me to Disneyland and greeted me at the bottom of the stairs. We did a short game of "hidden Mickey's" that they had hidden around the house. We like to look for hidden Mickey's when we are in the Disney Theme Parks. They were so excited they showed me where all of them are! Easiest scavenger hunt EVER!

See the hidden Mickey behind the vase? And the other under the table? 

  They then led me to eat breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen--another tradition from when we go to Disneyland. We ate Mickey Waffles, cheese omelettes, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

 She was so excited to show me the painting she did for me. I thought that it was a gecko or a rat. She was NOT approving at that comment because it "is an airplane!"
 Lucky Dragon was so excited about their cards they had chosen for me, he was opening them for me!~

 Lucky Dragon looked in his drawers to find his button from Disneyland and wrote that I am celebrating "Father's Day" on it for me to wear all day. We took a photo of it. Koala Bear wanted to be in the photo, but would not come out so we could see her. Hence the random arms wrapped around my leg.

 I placed the small canvases they painted for me on the wall near my desk. I love seeing their creativity every day. It goes along with the other items they have made for me. I have Lego items from Lucky Dragon (one is a giant heart, the other a random tool he made years ago), I have a miniature Bruni (the fire spirit from Frozen II) from Koala Bear, I have notes from them hanging from my monitor. It is fun for me and fun for them to come in and see that I have their items displayed.

 We decided after dinner to make cookies together. This was less about having cookies, and more about using the cookie cutters! HAHA

Lucky Dragon wanted to make a cookie of the "Disney Castle" he did not believe me that it was the Salt Lake City LDS Temple because "It did not have a Moroni on top!"