October 27, 2016

BOO Lights! A Zoo Visit Without Animals

The Halloween celebrations continue...and we still have a few days left (and that means I only have 4 more days until the Christmas can start at our house!) to fit some more fun things into our Halloween season.

Lady Hiva found a discount for the Boo Lights at Hogle Zoo so off we went for the next event. Speaking of Christmas, the Boo lights were really fun to see because they actually looked like Christmas lights with some random pumpkins and witches dispersed throughout! Win/win for Lady Hiva and I. (Seriously, the Christmas trees had pumpkins on them to make it Halloween-ish!)

Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon bundled up in a blanket on the wheelchair and I was the tour-guide/engine. We had fun walking around the zoo and even riding the train through the savanna area. Of course, it was too dark and too cold for animals to be out, but we still really liked it all.

He wanted to ride the polar bear so bad

We think they forgot to change their signs....we definitely did NOT need to cool off!

All three of us loved the night out. I think having Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon with me makes it so even I, who does not like Halloween at all, enjoy the experience.