January 21, 2021

A Day in the Life of Dust

 This Saturday was a crazy day for me. But a great day. It was one of those days that ended and I could look back and say, "wow! I was productive today!" I also found that I am glad I was raised to know that I could do anything I want to do, I just needed to work hard to figure it out. 

In the morning I made a wedding bouquet, a flower haku, and boutonnieres for a cousin's wedding. It is always fun to do projects like this. I had to laugh because the first time that I finished the bouquet was GIGANTIC!! So I pulled it apart and started again. The final version was something I could be proud of. I am hoping that the bride was. (She said she was...but I always wonder if they just say that to my face)...

I came home and defied gravity and took down all the Christmas lights. It is moments like this when I am hanging over the edge of the house, the ground 40 feet below, that I am thankful I am not afraid of heights and that I have a keen balance. 

Then in the afternoon I decided that I wanted to build some hooks for my hats. With my bald head getting burned all the time I was told I needed to start wearing hats. I told Lady Hiva that if I am going to wear hats, I am going to make a statement by wearing them! It was fun to see that she bought me a few for Christmas this year. Each morning Koala Bear acts as my fashion guide and she tells me which hat to wear. I will try them on and she will stand back and hmm while she ponders and they tell me that hat is good to wear...or if I need to move on to the next one! I have to laugh at this little person. 

Again, I was glad I know the principles of work. Within an hour I had built hook racks where there had been none. Two hours later they had been caulked, painted and dried--ready for hats to hang on them! 

January 13, 2021

A Bluey Birthday for a Koala Bear


It was time to celebrate our little Koala Bear. She was VERY specific about her birthday and what she wanted to happen. She wanted a "Bluey Birthday." For months she had told us that she will be 4 after her Bluey Birthday...or something similar. She wanted a Bluey cake and cupcakes with blue icing. She was also really specific about whom she wanted invited to the party. Typically, our birthdays are just the four of us--a day to spend together, but she really wanted to have friends over...so we tried to allow her to do that. 

Lady Hiva and I went into planning mode. I told Lady Hiva that decorating for birthdays has become an accidental tradition. We did not plan it that way, but the two Muggles look forward to coming downstairs and seeing the house transformed into fun and celebration. Lucky Dragon was also so excited and for days we asking if he was able to stay awake late to help us decorate for his sister. 

Because Bluey is so new in the USA, most of the party related stuff is in limited. We bought what we could and then made the rest. I made some invitations for the party. Then I made cupcake characters for each of the cupcakes. Lady Hiva made a pinata. Because like decorating, our children believe a pinata is just part of a birthday; much like a birthday cake, it is not a birthday without the pinata. 

We sent Koala Bear to school with cupcakes to celebrate her birthday with her friends. She was so excited for that! 

Baking is a family affair at our house. (Could be due to the hours of baking shows we watch as a family. The two Muggles are just as excited as we are to see what creations the bakers make as part of the competition). Both of them are becoming really great about learning the basics of measuring, mixing and baking. It is so fun having them in the kitchen. 

For this week we made several cupcakes and Lady Hiva made homemade chocolate cake. It was both beautiful and tasted amazing. It is saying something for me to say that because I do not like chocolate or cake, but I did taste a few forks full and it was delicious. 

Lucky Dragon did stay up with us. Koala Bear fell asleep (thankfully) on her own. We had a busy night of playing with cousins who were up visiting for the party. So she was wiped out! He is our night owl and will stay up as long as possible. We told him that he had to work if he stayed up. He worked and worked. He filled the pinata, helped me with balloons, made the party favors all by himself. He was so excited to do this for his sister. 

I have become quite quick about making balloon garlands!