October 31, 2014

Hallows Eve Becomes Hallow-week!

All of you know that Halloween is Lady Hiva’s favorite holiday (I am still baffled as to why) and this year we were able to spend almost an entire week celebrating it.

The first aspect was celebrating with Church friends. Lady Hiva was in charge of the party and as you know as well, that whenever we are in charge of a party it is all or nothing. We decorate and go full tilt to making the experience enjoyable. Either a Harry Potter party, a Christmas party or a Halloween party, it is all about having fun.

Lady planned for weeks for this party and for three days before we spent hours getting it all ready. Our house turned into one big craft room. At one point I had taken up the dining room and Lady Hiva was in the kitchen. We make quite a great team when it comes to working together. We work together on whatever project one of us is trying to accomplish.

For this party I blew up hundreds of balloons while she bagged hundreds of pounds of candy she had shipped to us. I made cupcakes and she made pumpkin desserts. I prepared games and she finalized plans and candy apples.

We had such a fun night full of food, games and laughter. The photos say it all. ‘
We had so many decorations...there was nearly no room for us

Dart game...

Our Lucky Dragon dessed up as a Dragon

"Who did it?"

Throwing darts

Popping balloons

We then had a Trick-or-Treat event at our neighborhood. It was good of them to organize it and the kids all seemed to enjoy it. However, I am not sure it translates over all the way for the Turks. Once the children caught on there were screams of fun and laughter throughout the area. Ironically, lady Hiva had our apartment all decorated and ready but they kids missed our house. She was so worried about them not getting all the candy she bagged that she went down on the sidewalk and would hand the candy to them as they passed. Now that is dedication.

Our last Halloween celebration was at work. It was so fun to see all the children troop from office to office with their costumes. Although it was a rainy day, it was a warming day anyway. Halloween’s week long celebrations ended with us watching some Harry Potter videos.

I am super excited it is Halloween because now I have license to decorate for Christmas! WOOHOO!