April 24, 2016

Nothing Says Spring Like a Tulip Festival!

This weekend we went to Thanksgiving Point in Utah to see the Tulip Festival. Now, it was beautiful for sure and they are adding to the venue to make it even more amazing, but Istanbul's Emirgan Park sets the bar pretty high! (cue the we miss Istanbul sigh)

The weather was beautiful and the manicured gardens were fun to see too. There is a man-made 'natural' amphitheater with water falls in the background. Monet's garden flows into the rose garden and there is a Greek and Roman that flank either sides of the Secret Garden designed to match the garden in Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel.

Monet Garden

 One of the best parts was in the center they had a place for kids to play--complete with a shave ice vendor, a large checkers and chess sets, and other fun outdoor games. Lucky Dragon was SURE that he wanted to go on the blow up slides so we waited in the really LONG line and he was so happy. He jumped up, ran in and made it up to the first step and came running back exclaiming that he "didn't want to!" (As if we had forced him on it)...so we waited in line for nothing! haha.

He wanted all the white one white squares and the black on black squares...

Roman Garden
Secret Garden

This is what happens when we asked him to turn around and smile...

The perfect Lale

 It was a beautiful way to ring in Spring! We have been loving the warmer weather and the sunshine. Most of all, the colors and smells as we spend time outside.