August 23, 2020

Celebrating 12 Years: The Peak of Snowbird

As with every August, we get to celebrate our family's birthday. This year it was 12 years! Which feels like it should be a big celebratory year--but as with everything else during 2020, COVID really limited the way we can celebrate. 

We did not let that get us down though! We started the morning with a delicious Kolache breakfast. The kids mentioned the last time we had Kolaches was for Lady Hiva's birthday. We all remember that because it was the beginning of all the COVID drama. 

We have been so busy this last few weeks we did not make any plans. But I saw that Snowbird has a summer package. We bought the package and headed to the mountains. It was SO much fun! For the time that you are there, you have 3 hours to do unlimited amount of rides and activities. 

We did the Alpine slide several times, rode the Mountain Roller-coaster a few times, rode the tubes several times, the Muggles did the ropes course, and we loved the adrenaline rush that we all could enjoy! We had to use hand sanitizer as much as possible, we washed our hands every time we went passed a bathroom, we had to wear masks when we were getting in lines. It felt odd to be wearing a mask out in nature. 

We rode the Peruvian Chair Lift to the peak of the mountain. It was an amazing ride. We loved seeing all of nature as we passed over it. Our favorites were the rock chucks rummaging through the brush and the hawks soaring on the breeze. It was majestic to watch. We had a "picnic in the sky" while we rode. I had hastily packed snacks as we ran out of the door. Luckily, it was great to have vegetables and fruit to eat while we rode up the mountain. 

When we were up to the top, we explored the old mine shaft that goes through the mountain. We loved going from one side of the mountain to the other. 

We rushed back down the chair lift so we could catch the iconic Snowbird Tram. We were in line with a wedding party. They went up and got married up at the top of the mountain. What a beautiful venue! And so cheap, just the cost of the tickets up! We had to wear masks in the tram and they sanitized the car at each end. 

After enjoying the breathtaking views and snapping some photos, I asked someone to take a photo of us. He was odd about it so I just said "never-mind" he did not want to touch my phone. Oh boy! Life is so different now. 

The kids want to do some "mining" when we were back at the lodge. It was so much fun to see them excited about the rocks that they collected during that experience. Some of them were really big! 

We came down the mountain and went to Cheesecake Factory. That is becoming a tradition for our anniversary the last few years. While we waited in line for a table we went to the Lego store. That, too, is a family experience. We even stopped and put together some of the Lego sets at a table in Dillard's while we were waiting. People would stop and watch us do it! LOL 

The food was amazing and we had fun just being in each other's company. We ended the day listening to Harry Potter as we drove. We were able to talk with all of our neighbors as the evening concluded. So much love and laughter then. What a great way to celebrate our family: Nature, roller-coasters, lots of hugs and kisses, exploring new places, laughing, Legos, good food, Harry Potter, prayer, and family scripture study! That pretty much sums up our family life/culture.