May 28, 2019

A Wet and Cold Memorial Day

The weekend was amazing. We were home for the weekend and did not have anything to plan for or run off to...That meant that the weekend was amazing. We could just be a little family and enjoy life. We tried to spend as much time outside as possible. That was limited to the moments of no rain, snow or cold wind...but we were still able to make it out!

Koala Bear has learned to love corn. She loves it so much that when we were in the store we passed the display of shucked corn (wrapped in plastic wrap) and she yelled, "CORN!" And before we could stop her she ran to the display and bit a cob right through the plastic! HAHA. I guess we are buying that package. Later, when she woke up from her nap, Lady Hiva asked her what she wanted for lunch and of course Koala Bear said she wanted corn. Lady Hiva told her it was not warmed up, so Koala Bear grabbed her blanket and placed it over the corn "Corn is warm now!"

Lucky Dragon has been playing "QuickBall." We opted into this instead of T-ball, because it is focused on the kids learning the basics of throwing, hitting and catching a baseball. He loved it because it was more active. The first part of the "game" they do drills and rotate through different aspects--throwing, hitting, fielding, running bases. Then the rest of the game they take turns hitting and fielding. He was so excited to get his medal.
We have tried to spend some time at the new parks near by. These are from the new Patriot Park in Saratoga Springs.

Our little Koala Bear has suddenly become VERY girly. She loves heels, purses and sparkly things. We went to the Disney store and she found all the purses she could find. She settled on the shiny gold version and has been packing it EVERYWHERE. It is even better when she wears her little "Pincess Heels" too. People that walk past her stop and smile. She is a woman on a mission!

She even wears those heels to jump in "muddy puddles." Two of her favorite things right now...wearing heels and jumping in any puddle she can find!

I laugh because her little Tongan feet cannot fit into the shoes. Her little toes stick out the sides and she uses them for balance! HAHA... Lady Hiva finally had to hide the shoes because it was cutting into her skin on the little toe. Koala Bear did not seem to mind...I guess you learn the price of vanity at a young age! HAHA

We were able to talk her into more comfortable princess shoes because they are "Pincess Jasmine's" shoes.

Lady Hiva had a woman in our neighborhood make some bows for Koala Bear. It has been fun to see Koala Bear love them. She usually rips bows out of her hair, but with these she show everyone she sees. Her favorites are the mermaid and the "Minnie Bow-tique" versions.

Lucky Dragon was so excited to show me that his sock had a hole in it "just like your socks!" I am not sure if that is something to be proud of...nor how he even notices that I have socks with holes in them. I throw them away as soon as they do. But of course, not much gets passed this guy. 

She loves the new rugs and wanted to show how much she loves them...These two continue to do yoga. Koala Bear would not even wait to have the chocolate wiped off her face from eating chocolate covered strawberries before she sat down with her brother.
On one of the rainy days Lady Hiva took the kids to Thanksgiving Point to enjoy the museums.

The last few weeks Lucky Dragon has been learning piano. He picks it up so easily. It is amazing to see the way that he can, after only a few times through, can play a song by memory. I hope he keeps up his playing.

All the rain this weekend is welcoming some amazing looking peonies! Actually Lady Hiva's garden looks so lush and amazing! It will be fun to see it mature throughout the year.

One of the best things we did was see Disney's Aladdin---twice--! It was well done. The music was fun and the characters were great! I think we liked it as much as we did Beauty and The Beast.

Koala Bear made herself right at home during the movie.

We took a long bike ride along the Jordan River and that, too, was a family favorite. We rode from Inlet Park in Saratoga Springs to the Saratoga Springs hot springs...which really was a muddy hot tub. We will have to come back at another date and try them out. We then rode north along the Jordan river. We saw all kinds of wildlife and birds. It was a perfect ride. (Cut short by, you guessed it, rain and thunder). 

With all of the rain, Utah Lake and Jordan River are both high. That meant there were all kinds of fish in areas there usually are not fish. We rode passed this one covert and were shocked to see the ENORMOUS fish in the shallow water. We stopped and spent an hour scheming. laughing and trying to catch these fish. It was so much fun. At one point Lady Hiva was on one end of the covert and I was on the other, Lucky Dragon was running between the two of us yelling his coaching instructions on where the big fish were and how we were supposed to catch them. It was fun.

Saratoga Springs Hot Springs

Above you can see Lucky Dragon telling his mum how to scare out the fish. Below is how Koala Bear spent the time while we "fished."
This photo does not do it justice, but these HUGE fish were roiling around. It made the water looking like it was boiling with fish!

Waiting for fish to come...