October 31, 2017

Tech-y People Do Halloween In a BIG Way!

It was interesting to attend the work Halloween celebration. As you may all know I work in a technology building and that has some interesting effects. (For example people would rather IM than talk in person). Clearly it this Halloween experience was going to be big because there are contests to see which group decorates the best and they plan for months to get ready. It is one of the few times that families join us at work.

As the day drew closer I found myself painting a face picture wall (not sure what else to call it). Of course, just making it up as I go...and leaving some green paint spots on the garage floor, of which Lucky Dragon points out to me every time he sees them. It was fun watching people use it.
Painting my photo wall board

My people testing it out!

My Koala Bear "pumpkin"

As the day arrived I was interested to see how half of the people in the building avoided the mass of candy hungry children and left or hunkered down behind a makeshift wall of some sort around their desk. The other half were extremely into the holiday. Families came dressed up, many of them in themes. There are some truly creative people.

As we walked around there were several teams that used technology for their decorations. People that used apps to have moving eyes in their clothes (their cell phone was sewed into the clothes), talking pumpkins, interactive witches and plenty of video displays that enhanced the story of their decorated rooms. There was the LDS iconic story of the "tree of life" room, Snape's dungeon, a room of dementors, a witch's lair, an ocean to go "fishing", Monsters Inc's scare room, a pumpkin patch and my personal favorite was the one with a Christmas Tree and stockings!

he was so worried about the dementor film!

We all dressed up, Lady Hiva was a witch, Koala Bear was a Kakamora with a ship, Lucky Dragon was Frankenstein. We are not sure why he decided on that, we did not even know he knew who Frankenstein was...but it was an easy costume, so hey go team! I was Hagrid. I was going to be Snape again so I did not have to buy anything, but Lady Hiva told me that was what I was last year so I needed to be something else. I cut up a throw blanket that we had and sewed me a "deer skin" jacket. I carried a lantern with a dragon on it...I could tell really quickly who had read Harry Potter because they knew who I was immediately. Those who have not came up with their own ideas--I was asked if I was a "Fat Jesus" mmm...NO! Why would I ever dress up as Jesus? Jesus did not have a DRAGON!!! That does not even make sense! I was asked if I was Moses, a lumberjack...all kinds of things. HAHA

Making my jacket

There was plenty of candy to go around. And plenty of children to find them. I was so hot in my suit and to have so much hair when I am used to not having any made me claustrophobic a bit. Then to add on that I was surrounded by slow moving people in small aisle between cubicles there were a few times I had to fight back the urge to run people over to get away! (The struggle is real, no matter what Lady Hiva says...)

One of the managers in the building gave away vegetables for his treat. Most people took it and laughed at the joke. However, Lucky Dragon asked for broccoli and then handed Lady Hiva his pumpkin candy bucket and ate his broccoli as he walked. That's my boy! #prouddadmoment #concernedmommoment hahaha!
Lucky Dragon's Favorite treat of the day

It was a fun experience. A bit crazy and I was glad to be in open air again, but it was fun.