December 27, 2019

Sleep? Who needs sleep? It is Christmas!

Who needs sleep? This weekend we packed in all the fun and celebration that we could find. We started off by doing a quick trip to Beaver to be with the family there. We did lip sync performances, played family feud, and a gingerbread house competition. Needless to say there was plenty of competing going on. 

 We have to make our celebratory stop at Sees candy. We joined the line to 47 other people that were doing last minute shopping. But a holiday would not be a holiday without Lady Hiva having some See's chocolate.

We then spent Christmas Eve with cousins playing board games and seeing Christmas lights. It was so much fun! The kids all loved being with each other. Dance Revolution on the X-Box got out all the energy for the evening.

Lucky Dragon and Koala Bear set out cookies and carrots. Luckily, they leave some carrots for the "reindeer" so Santa and his helper can have something more than cookies to eat while they set out gifts. 

This year our congregation Primary gave each family a "manager" with the challenge to place straw in it for each good deed or act of service throughout the month of December. The goal was to have each strand make the cradle softer for the baby Jesus. It was such a great way to focus more on the Savior and doing good deeds all December. We tried to serve others and to find ways to point out when others served us. Jesus sat on the park bench of the German village like a homeless person until we could set him in his cradle Christmas morning. 

Earlier in the month we had been studying all the bible accounts of the birth of the Savior and tonight we also studying the Book of Mormon account as a family. 

 Lucky Dragon made a shoe in French school and learned about Joyeux Noel traditions. So we made one for Koala Bear too. That way they both had a shoe filled when they woke up.

 We started the morning by watching the "Christ Child" again. We wanted to remember that we are celebrating the birth of the Savior.

 Then before they opened gifts we placed baby Jesus in his manager now full of good deeds from the month. We talked about all the experiences we had and expressed which ones we remember the most about serving and giving to others. It was so special to start the day off that way and hear what they loved about service.

 Christmas Day afternoon we had Lady Hiva's family over. We spent the day eating, playing games, putting on skits, and exchanging presents. It was so much fun!

 Lady Hiva kept my family tradition of having orange rolls for Christmas morning. Look at her multi-task! She is amazing!

All ready to unwrap the ball for a game! 

 The 4-Square Tournament.

 Koala Bear was so happy that her cousins let her do their make-up too! They are good sports.