September 17, 2019

The Leaves Are Changing! (And There Was SNOW)

This weekend we decided to utilize the last of the sunny weather before it gets too cold. After all, it did snow on the mountain tops this week! BRRRR!!! I am not sure that I am ready for that time of year yet.

After we did the normal Saturday chores--soccer, mow the lawn, grocery shop, clean the house etc.--we went to American Fork Canyon. It was so beautiful! We stopped by Tibble Fork Reservoir, which is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to be in the mountains. We watched people fish and boat around. Lucky Dragon collected rocks and did his best to scare all the fish away by throwing  a few in.

We drove down the river a little way and stopped by a small turn out. We spent that next hour or so braving the frigid water, admiring the thousands of baby leeches, looked for more rocks and anything else we could find. It was cold, but the warm sun felt amazing afterwards. Lady Hiva was the only one that did not feel the need to get into the water! The other three of us would get in until we could not feel our feet, then stand in the sun for a time to thaw. Then repeat that process.

We meandered our way up the mountain to Cascade Falls. The drive was gorgeous. We stopped in a few places to overlook the valleys. Lucky Dragon exclaimed at one point, "LOOK! The view of the valley is beautiful!" I could not have said it any better than that. I was surprised to see that the leaves are starting to turn the vivid shades of autumn. I guess I should not have been surprised where it had snowed up here earlier in the week.

We explored Cascade Falls. That was quite an adventure. We looked for bugs, plants, and flowers. It was so much fun. A beautiful day to be outside. Even better that we were together as a family.