January 08, 2019

A Loud Week of Camping

This last week we joined 125 of our loudest family members to camp on O'ahu's North Shore. It was great to be home. We laughed and teased and told stories to catch up. We had people visiting from several different states, 3 different countries and of course those who are still in La'ie.

We went to the beach and loved every minute of it. Lucky Dragon and Koala Bear have enjoyed going. I have kept up my goal of making it to the beach every day. We have collected shells, dug our own pools into the sand so we could bask in the sun, we ran from the waves and admired all of the marine life that is found along the coast.
 Life may knock you down, but it is never going to keep you down!

Going on one of our adventures. Or as Lucky Dragon says we are going "Adventuring"

My little palangi boy, trying to shuck his own coconut like grandpa

 We even went night fishing and that is always fun. We caught so many fish.

Koala Bear loved the fish when they were in the net flopping. She would giggle with delight. But now dead and close to her, she was not so sure! haha

So many fish the net is bulging at the seams

Lucky Dragon especially has enjoyed it. He spends so much time in the water until he is shivering with cold before he will come out. He has filled several bags of shells and coral that we have collected at several different beaches across the North Shore. Koala Bear loves to try and do everything that her brother is doing. She was not so sure about the waves the first few times we went. But she has since changed her mind about that. It makes my heart happy to see them love the beach and water the way that I do. Something, I guess, we all inherited from their Pluba. One time Lucky Dragon was swept out in a riptide. He did really well keeping himself afloat (thankful for swimming lessons) until I was to him--only about 30 seconds. We swam in together and I was happy after a quick chat about how brave he was, he went right back in. It still gives me chills a bit to see that one moment of fear and panic on his face right before I grabbed him. We were at Shark's Cove "adventuring" a few days later and he wanted to go look in more of the pools for marine life. It was only me and the two Muggles so I told him I did not want to go to close because a big wave could sweep him out and I may not be able to get to him. He told me, "But the other day when the wave took me out, you saved me. You could do it again." Scary how much faith our little people place in us. My morbid parent mind played out a situation where one get swept out and I cannot do anything about it. HORRIBLE! So no, we did not go explore those pools! HAHA

Pounder's Beach

We played games all week. That provided some wonderful exercise and laughter. I think it would be safe to say that we are a competitive bunch. When the volume of yelling about a Jeopardy game of scriptures is so loud I was hoarse the next day, you know it was competitive! haha. Koala Bear and Lucky Dragon loved being around so many cousins. There was so much to explore and do with all of them around.

We loved every minute of the time together. Glad we made the trip over. It is good to be home.

She and her stuffed animals 

He and his shells

Only one, of many batches of shells 

This one whined that in all the 2000 photos I took at the reunion there were not enough of her...then when I went to take some she refused to let me...so I told her I was going to post the photo I was able to take--see below: 

Doing traditional dances to raise money for someone in the family in need 

Presenting mats and quilts as a traditional gesture of respect and love

I was given one too! That and a bag of carrots! (they all tease me and my vegetable eating habits!)

 We had a carnival where each family provided a game and prizes. It was so much fun.

 At the family dance to end the reunion.

These three only made it through portions of the dance