March 27, 2016

Finding the GOLDEN EGG

Easter is a holiday to Celebrate Spring and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time that we love in our family. This year was the first year to have an Easter here in the United States.

It was fun to talk about Jesus with Tau'aho and see him at least repeat back to us the lesson of the Resurrection. Although when we ask him later to tell us the story of Easter he only says, "Its about Jesus and He died." So at least we have the first half of the conversation down! hehe

We spent time with Lady Hiva's family and we did an Easter Egg hunt with all of the kids. There are hundreds of eggs in the yard. It looked more like an Easter Egg clean up, not a "hunt."  But they loved it all the same. There were several golden eggs scattered about and it was fun to watch them all try and find them. Lucky Dragon was even trying to find his own too.

Easter morning we went to church and after Lady Hiva did a small egg hunt in the house for Tau'aho. He was so excited to get a "Chickoletta" (from the cartoon Paw Patrol) that lays eggs and some tractors. He is obsessed with tractors lately. Thanks to Disney's Cars he still thinks that they "Moo" and eat hay (yellow legos) but I guess at some point he will learn that a tractor is more useful than that. He has spent all day playing with the tractors of different sized and making them all "families, with a Dustin, a Mommy and a baby."

So as we end this thankful weekend of Easter, we have so much to be thankful for. We are all healthy and happy and have a loving Savior who did, as Lucky Dragon says, die for us and was resurrected to allow us to conquer death. So happy Easter everyone! We hope yours was full of family and peace as ours.