October 28, 2018

'Twas The Week Before Halloween...

'Twas the Week Before Halloween, the pumpkins were carved, the skeleton was out, and ... the Christmas Lights were hung!

The last few days have been FULL of the activities of the Halloween season. We had the annual trick-or-treat experience at my work and a trunk-or-treat with our church congregation that same night. Needless to say the kids had plenty of candy. Koala Bear loved holding her bucket and filling it with candy. When it was so full she could not carry it I tried to transfer the candy to another bag and she was A.N.G.R.Y that I took her bucket away. When they were giving out candy and said to "take one" she would take one...or two..or three. I would tell her only one, but every time they would say, "she is so cute! She can have more." The result was that she had way more candy by the end compared to her brother (who followed rules and only took one).

Lucky Dragon's favorite stop again this year

Our area decided to decorate with a Lilo and Stitch theme. I missed the planning meeting and was assigned to paint some face photo boards like I had done last year. So I went to it. Free-handed some scenes. I thought they turned out well...except for the fact the Stitch without a face looks like a rabbit! hahahaha.

Bella the Bat and Jack the Scarecrow from the book (and movie) Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Not bad for a 2 hour project 

It was fun to see how creative people were with their decorations. One group even had a whole ofrenda. We had fun walking around. At one point Koala Bear saw a dressed skeleton propped up against the wall (she calls all skeletons 'Coco.') and she said, "Daddy! Daddy" and while pointing at the skeleton, "Help! Coco, nee' help!" She was so concerned that the skeleton needed help and I was not coming to help. It even trumped her excitement about filling the bucket with candy.
Koala Bear wanted me to help this skeleton so badly. 

The congregation party was great. Lots and Lots of children, as expected, it was so much for too!

He loves the stencil that he was given by one of our friends at work. He was so excited to use it with his Voldemort wand pen

The best part of the week was when Lady Hiva suggested that we have Halloween-ed so much this week that we should put up the Christmas Lights on the house! I had to consciously not get too happy so she would change her mind!

It tells you so much about me that the week before Halloween I can look down from the roof and see Lady Hiva's Halloween decor and our neighbors are building a haunted house in their garage and I am putting up Christmas lights! HAHA

They look amazing! (Don't worry, the trees are not going up until Thursday!)