November 23, 2019

Grateful Walk

The other night I called home to talk to the kids before they went to bed. Lucky Dragon hung up on me and then when I called the second time, he answered and told me that he had made something for Lady Hiva and was filming it when I had called. I did not understand the full extent of what he had done until Lady Hiva had sent me pictures.

Apparently, he had spent a few hours locked up in the room. He had drawn several photos about what he appreciated about her. He placed those around room as if it was a "walk" for her to experience. He coached Koala Bear to also draw some pictures which were displayed in a group. At the end he had taped together 8 sheets of paper for a large "THANK YOU" poster.

Her hair is so long! 

Koala Bear's additions

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He said it is Lady Hiva cooking for them and snuggling with them on the big chair

"Once upon the time there was a mom. She liked choclit (chocolate), chikin, pezza (pizza), chips, apercot (apricot), cockes (cookies)" 

She had to walk along the pillows to guide her through the experience. 

I was so proud of him to taping it all together 

Lady Hiva said that she started to tear up at the end and Koala Bear was concerned that she was sad.

Then Lady Hiva made a "walk" for Lucky Dragon the next night so he too had a thank you walk to enjoy. I am glad this little boy is so thoughtful.

Temple Square Christmas lights are almost ready

November 15, 2019

Brownies For Smiles

This week I had a really fun experience. It was unplanned and spontaneous, but it was amazing! We had a function at work to celebrate 125 years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doing Family History. At the end of the function, there were several trays of brownies remaining.

I decided to put those to use and bring some smiles and Aloha along the way. I started by giving out brownies to the guests and patrons that came into the building to learn about their family history. As a side note, if you have not been to one of the family history "Discovery" centers in Salt Lake City or Lehi, you should go. It is an interactive hands-on process of linking yourself to your ancestors. There were so many people that loved the fact that they were being given brownies.

From there I expanded my brownie giving to the construction workers in the street, the random strangers that I passed on as we walked. Each of them were full of thankfulness for something so simple.

One couple visiting from India exclaimed that they were glad they visited the United States today to get a brownie. Another woman wanted one, then asked if she could have one for her son. I gave her the whole tray of brownies to her shock and surprise. She told me that she could not eat them all. I responded that she should walk with me and offer them to the crowd of people waiting to cross the road at the light. They were overjoyed at her offer! See, cheer spreads!

I gave brownies to the missionaries around temple square. I gave them to the gardeners and the people putting up Christmas lights for the famous Temple Square light display. I even gave a whole tray to a random couple pulled up to the light in a convertible with their top down. I handed it over as I crossed the street and passed them. I smiled and just kept walking. I can only imagine the conversation they had after that.

At one point I peer-pressured two senior sister missionaries to join me. They had seen me going out and coming back for more. They had so much fun. I was able to capture a few photos of them. When one of the gardeners approached us, she asked if she could have a brownie. She had seen her colleagues eating them and when she asked where they came from she was told "A random guy was walking around Temple Square giving out brownies." Word travels fast I guess.

I met a few homeless people along the way and gave them as many as they wanted. One woman exclaimed, "WOW!" in joy and surprise as I handed her a whole tray.

It was not a planned activity for the day. And to tell you the truth I really do not like brownies. I don't enjoy chocolate and I don't like cake, so brownies are NOT my thing at all. However, today they were a tool to spread Aloha. I laughed, I met some amazing people, and I saw others wanting to be kind as they were treating kindly. It is powerful to see the way kindness spreads.

November 07, 2019

A Season of JOY!

I love the "holiday" season. For me it is a season of joy. A season of giving. We have so much to be thankful for and it is great this time of year there are several opportunities to serve others. I think that it part of the reason that the Christmas Decor goes up around the house starting 1 NOV.

I say only part of the reason because I also think there is something cozy about having the tree lit up as we gather in the dining room or living room. Or the other trees lit up at night as we prepare for bed. We have four up this year!

Yes, we do have A LOT of Christmas decor bins. (and this is only half of them!) 

Lady Hiva laughs at me and my collection of creche. She says that our home is a museum with a creche exhibit! Imitating Will Smith as the Genie in the 2019 Aladdin, when he is exclaiming there is brass all over when he is in the lamp, she says "There is a Jesus here and here and here and here." I laughed at her creative animation. But I also agreed with her. There are representations of the Nativity scene from all over the world. It makes me happy. I can never have too much Jesus--she knows that better than anyone!

Hogwarts inspired Creche

So if you need your holiday fix, come on over and have a cozy chat. We can even put on a Hallmark Holiday movie if you would like (those are already playing as well! Not that I would know or anything hahaha)