June 27, 2019

Trying to Keep Our Kama'aina Status

Lady Hiva decided to take up her parents' request to go to Hawaii for Ward Camp (when the Church congregation camps together for a week). She and the kids flew out for a two week trip. It was REALLY quiet at the house for a week. I decided to go join them for the second week! I am so glad that I did.

We had so much fun! We went to the beach, we swam; we ate until our stomachs hurt; we sweated at night in the heat and watched the rain causes flood puddles; we caught, frogs, geckos, crabs, and lizards; we killed snails, ants and cockroaches. We swam with sea turtles. We jumped off Waimea Rock. We fed horses along the walk path in Laie. We collected shells, crabs, coral, foods we cannot find in the Mainland and rocks. It was amazing!

These two out on an adventure to find all the critters that live in the wild of Grandpa's backyard

 At Ward Camp, their group was assigned INDIA. Lady Hiva's dad was the guest of honor on the float. He even allowed Lady to draw him a uni-brow for the event!

They caught a wild boar. Lucky Dragon was SO excited. He was even more happy Grandpa saved the tusks for him.

 Watching the Mate Ma'a Tonga and All Blacks Rugby game.

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 He was SO excited that he caught his "VERY OWN GIANT FROG!"

I took this gaggle of people on a Sunday Afternoon walk. We loved the horses along the way. We coaxed them into coming to the fence and soon we set a trend and there were fifteen cars full of tourists that joined us.

 As we walked we found thousands of snails. The rain had just finished so they were out in force. We found and stepped on several of them. I stepped on one and it splattered snail juice all the way UP MY LEG!

 Koala Bear cannot pass a "muddy puddle." I think this was the fourth time to bathe this day.

 She is ready for the next Tough Mudder!

Doing her yoga in the the water at sunset

 Thanks to Jaime and the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube, these two decide to do yoga all the time.

We spent a large amount of time at Shark's Cove this week. We searched for shells and all kinds of marine life. It is Lucky Dragon's favorite place to go search. 

 Sometimes the good shells are really down deep. We all took a turn or two diving into a pool for a shell.

 This guy was obsessed with finding crabs.

 Any long day at the beach on the North Shore is not complete without a stop at Matsumoto's for shave ice!

chug, chug, chug!

 She was SO excited that her mum found her such a great gift. Two of her VERY FAVORITE things: princesses and chapsticks.

 She was happy to wear her "Fly-mingos" swimsuit

 This is the fourth of fifth gecko he has caught this trip

Pickled Mango


Gyoza and ramen

Can you spot Koala Bear

 Lucky Dragon wanted to get a pearl so we went and chose the oyster and got a pearl.