March 25, 2020

Family VS Coronavirus and Earthquakes and Ear Infections and Snow and... (part 2)

 We are now going into week #2 of home school and work from home. It was been fun in many ways, but in other ways it is more complicated. Lady Hiva is trying to help Lucky Dragon do his school--which is compounded by the fact he is in French Immersion and neither Lady Hiva nor I speak French. She is also trying to get her homework done too. I have work and am now teaching my college classes online instead of in person. I like that change because I can be home and enjoy the family right after I am done with class. But it also changes the dynamic with my students.

Koala Bear has decided that she needs to be doing homework too. She sees the three of us working non-stop and wants to join in. I am sure that will continue where we found out we are going to have school from home for at least another month.
 I am lucky my laptop moves easily. I just take it with me as I "watch" the kids do their activities. I sat downstairs and worked while Koala Bear jumped on the trampoline. Then I was told to come sit and work inside the tent while she played that we were hiding from a rainstorm~! Haha. Today we even sat in the driveway while it snowed and roasted marshmallows with the firepit.  

 Life was on panic mode with the global pandemic and only became worse with earthquakes last week. We were all awake when the first large earthquake hit. Then there were several aftershocks throughout the week. I have become quite adept at waiting in lines at stores to get the supplies we need. It has become a game to see if I can get what I need. I take my laptop and work while I stand in line. It also a good way to learn about other people. The crazy comes out when people think they will not get their toilet paper or rice! HAHA

 I stand in line 6 feet from the nearest person. Many stores even have lines on the ground marking how close you can be to the people ahead of you.
 We have been trying to keep the two Muggles from being too stressed or tired of being homebound. Lucky Dragon has volunteered to wait in line with me even in the rain and snow. We have also gone to see the chicks and ducklings in the farm stores. Their favorite was the rabbits.

 I get so excited when the item that I need is in stock! That is a rare occurrence these days!

 Technology is amazing. On Sunday I was able to have a spiritual lesson with the Young Men that I get to work with from Church. It was a bit chaotic--but what else would I expect from 14 and 15 year olds!?! It was fun to see them enjoy being together, even virtually, after a week of "social distancing."
 We have also found activities to do around the house. Pluba and Papa brought Heather and spent the weekend with us. We had a family paint night. It was fun to see what everyone created.

Lady Hiva's garden

My series of "Elements" Fire, Water, Earth and Air

Merrie Monarch was cancelled this year...this started out as a green line and kept evolving until I had a nod to the celebrated hula festival. 

Lucky Dragon's Rainbow with a pot of gold in the middle

 Lucky Dragon has also been exploring the use of levers and hooks! It is really great to see him think it through...but makes getting dressed SO much more difficult! HAHA

 I have been so thankful for his teachers. They have come up with all kinds of ways to get him involved. They do videos each day. His French teacher does math and French via Zoom everyday. I have loved watching him speak French and see how he makes it seem so natural.
 I have been trying to talk Lady Hiva into getting a dog. So far it is 3 against 1...but the one is the boss so no dog yet. We went to meet some puppies the other day...still no dog yet.

Koala Bear wanted to do her "homework" too!

Despite virus pandemic, earthquakes, food rations and shortages, snow, and Koala Bear getting ear infection, we are surviving and loving the time together!