May 29, 2018

Memorial Weekend--A Time For Family and Nature

Memorial Day Weekend is always a great time for family and fun. We had plenty of both. We are too far away to place flowers on the headstones of our children in Hawaii, but we had the chance to talk about our family that has passed on. Lucky Dragon, as he is in everything, wants to know all the details of his siblings and asks deep probing questions. So we give him open, honest and sometimes emotionally raw answers. He handles it really well. We love this kid.

To start of the weekend Lucky Dragon and I went to our congregations annual Father's and Son's camp. We were in South Utah County at Spanish Oak Reservoir. He was beaming with excitement to go. He helped me set up the tent and begged to go fishing--even in the pitch dark. He was disappointed when I told him they close the reservoir after dark so nobody gets hurt.

 We had fun talking with friends from the congregation and he ran around playing tag and building nests for birds out of sticks and leaves.

The next day we were able to go fish. It is amazing the patience this kid has. I find myself, as I did as a kid, getting bored (don't tell him I said that word, in our house if you say you are bored you get to clean toilets!) and wanting to just go swim. But this guy was willing to sit and watch the line until we caught some fish. After about an hour with no luck we finally asked for some worms from a friend. Within 15 minutes, much to his delight, Lucky Dragon had caught two fish!

As we packed up the tent he kept telling me, "I am so proud we came to Father's and Son's camp. And proud we caught two fish. We are amazing!" I love this little guy. So mature beyond his age. Those words made every sacrifice Lady Hiva and I had to make to get there worth it!

Spanish Oak Reservoir, Spanish Fork Canyon

The rest of the weekend we spent as much time as possible on our bikes (We purchased a bike for Lady Hiva and I with two child seats). Both Lucky Dragon and Koala Bear love to ride with us. It is fun to see them enjoy the world around them. They even are willing to go in the rain and cold they enjoy it so much.

On Monday we also made it up to Tibble Fork Reservoir in the American Fork Canyon. We had never been there before but will be back for sure. We had a picnic and played in the frigid water until the lightning and thunder rolled in! It was a bit chilly, but such a beautiful place. It made both Lady Hiva and I wish we had a truck so we could get a canoe or kayaks.

Tibble Fork Reservoir, American Fork Canyon