October 24, 2015

All Things October

As you all know, my wife is obsessed with Halloween. Has been for years. (but I must say that I am so proud that she has toned down the Halloween decorations from the really crazy stuff people get into…I have to say that is a win for me! Only took 7 years to make it happen). In fact one year when we were living abroad we came back for Halloween to see family instead of Thanksgiving and Christmas like normal people do! Hahaha.

This year is no different. Our house was decked out in Halloween decorations one day when I came home and Lady has already carved a few pumpkins (Lucky Dragon did not like cleaning the pumpkin but loved the lights), roasted pumpkin seeds, and found several Harvest type activities for us to enjoy. She even has altered her cooking to be harvest themed. She and Tau’aho have pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, pine nuts are our new snack, and Lady Hiva even had some fresh cow’s milk from Beaver to make her own yogurt and kaymak (a Turkish spread eaten on bread with honey).

Apparently,  to carve pumpkins you have to wear a blue jumper.

Making kaymak and yogurt

She even planned a Halloween party for weeks that was amazing. Complete with a homemade Zombie piñata and a scavenger hunt through the house. The kids loved that. Tau’aho kept yelling “hit the weetch!”

Making a zombie pinata

We decorated, cooked, baked and she even had me making zombie people with creepy eyes! Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon have been watching all of the Halloween cartoons and now will tell us things are “pooky.”

At her party we all ate plenty of candy, plenty of other food, and had some fun! So at least Halloween has been a bit enjoyable. Which means I can suffer through the rest of it in anticipation for 1 NOV when Christmas can start! YAY!