July 30, 2020

Legos, Treaure, Cars....and Poop! What a Birthday!

 Our Lucky Dragon is 7!! Neither Lady Hiva nor I can believe it. We see that his intellectual skills and emotional skills grow. He has also grown nearly 2 inches since January! He is amazing. We were so excited to share the day with him and celebrate.

I have been saving some cars that I collected from when I was a kid. I had cared for them and they were displayed in my room until I went on my mission. They were packed up and put into storage for years. I knew I wanted to give them to my son(s) one day. Luckily, we were finally able to have a son I could give them to. I waited and waited to give them until I knew he would realize how special they are. This year is the year!

I unpacked them and cleaned each one from the years and years of dust that had collected in the cracks and crevices. Then because I know that he loves treasure hunts, I made clues and hid the cars all over the house. It was so much fun to watch him figure out the clues and find the cars one by one.

 He wanted Harry Potter, Legos and Sea Shells for decor at this part...it was a bit unique and eclectic, just like him! :)

 As one of his gifts we let him go to the store and choose a car to add to the collection. It was a whole process to make that decision!

 Next, per his request we went to Bricks and Minifigs (a local Lego store) and we found all kinds of fun Legos pieces that he can use to make his creations. He is quite the creative engineer with them. He makes tools and buildings and cars. Last week he made a snowblower and a machine that plants seeds in the field.

 Koala Bear was able to get some gifts too for being a good sister! haha

 Next we went to the Lego store. They were so good to both kids. He was able to choose his Lego set. They gave both kids a Lego pencil pack and Lucky Dragon a free minifig.
 Papa and Pluba came up with a few of the cousins. We hit the pinata and ate before going to the pool to swim!

The pool was fun...until someone pooped--TWICE!! The first time it was in the kid part of the pool and Lady Hiva and I both saw it. We told the life-guard, they made us all get out and they cleaned the pool. 30 minutes later they opened it back up. We did not get in because we had been in one of the other pools. 10 minutes after there was another explosion of poop. The head life guard threw his net in anger. There was SO MUCH POOP. The filter must have sucked some of it up because next thing you knew there were flakes of poop all over the pool. Little floating coco-pebbles. I would hate the job of filtering it out. Needless to say we were glad we were not in the pool again. We also just left the whole experience. 

After that we all felt gross...Even the smell of chlorine reminded us of poop! We could not shower fast enough! So disgusting. We could not imagine why they had some many poop signs all over the pool area...but we now understand why. 

 Then more cousins came over to help us celebrate! This little guy is loved and we all had fun just sitting around and talking. It was a good day!