September 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patches, Hay Rides and Apple Cider

Autumn is officially here! The trees outside the house in various warm hues testify of that fact. Not to mention the slightly chilly weather. We had to go and buy us both jackets. It is not quite cold enough for the heavy winter coats, but too cold to go without something. To celebrate the arrival of Fall, we went with some friends to Cox’s Farms in Centreville, VA.

I was expecting to see large orchards and pumpkin fields. But instead it was a Fall themed amusement park! There were animals, slides, activities and hayrides. A great place for little children to consume all their extra energy.

If I counted correctly there were nearly twelve different slides for the kids to try. It was the most fun to watch parents go down the slide with their children. At times the parents were laughing and having a good time while the child was screaming in fear! Haha…who says slides are just for kids?

Lady Hiva and I decided that we wanted to do the pumpkin slingshots and she challenged me to ride the mechanical bull. I told her I would do it if she would. Lady is just as adventurous as I am and was ready to go. The hardest thing about the bull is the slippery “saddle” there isn’t much to get a grip on. One small rope stuck out to hold but with my handicapped hand I only have one hand to grip. I did alright for quite a while until the girl decided to “take control” and she flung me in a dizzying circle until I flew off. Lady did amazing! Then as she was flung forward the bull lurched to the right and knocked her across the circle and she bounced off the wall. YIKES! It scared me a bit. But she stood up and laughed like nothing had happened…so I took more photos. Hehe

Practicing my "toe touches"

The hayride was fun. They definitely have children in mind as they set it up. Horses come up so you can pet them, colorful animals and people (painted boards) dot the landscape and teenagers act out being the aliens, the witches, superman, and the “troll.” It is a bit random and eclectic, but the kids like it and you never quite know what to expect next. Good times.

I think my favorite part of the whole day was the all you can eat apples and fresh apple cider. DELICIOUS! I lost count of how much I consumed. (I am sure my digestive system is loving the massive infusion of fiber…haha)

As you leave you can buy some of the cider, they give you a free small pumpkin and you can sample more of the baked treats. So if you have children and need a place to let them run and run and run, Cox’s Farms has done really well providing the venue. 

Poor cow getting mauled by the city folks

Lady Hiva wanted this photo because she thinks Lucky makes "billy goat" noises when he is hungry...She also says he sticks his tongue out like a snake, luckily there were no snakes to take photos with!