October 19, 2020

Filling Our Days With Autumn Activities

We have packed in the activities this autumn! Even between the big events, we have found time to go to Cornbelly's for a few hours and plenty of time to spend with cousins and friends. 

We made it up to Salt Lake for the Island Connect fair. We went up because some of my students from Ensign college started their own baking company and we wanted to try the meat pies! They were worth the drive! It was fun seeing them be successful too. 

We took our neighbors with us and they tried all kinds of Polynesian foods: meat pies, keke, watermelon and mango otai, bread, manapua, teriyaki chicken and more. It was fun...we left all sugared out! We had to go to the park and enjoy walking around and riding scooters. 

I was also able to put on the Christmas lights this week too! It is so much fun to do that! I have "forgotten" to turn them off since...so they have been on the last 3 nights! hehe

We grew this "watermelon" and were SO excited. Then when we cut into it, we found out it was not a watermelon at ALL! It was a pumpkin! Oh blah.

We made a day trip with Koala Bear and her school to Jakers Jack-o-lanterns in Springville, Ut. It is small but perfect size for little kids to go run around. Lady Hiva and Koala Bear added to our growing pile of pumpkins! 

Lucky Dragon made a homemade pinata and invited all his neighbor friends over to hit it with him! HAHA