May 28, 2020

English Garden In Eagle Mountain

 It is spring time and the garden is in bloom!~ Lady Hiva has it planned so there are blooms year round...from the bulbs in the early spring to the gradual explosion of color throughout the year until the autumn. If I cannot find Lady Hiva anywhere in the house, I know I will find her outside. She goes out to see the do I. The difference is that I go out to see it in the sun. I love to feel the sun on me--she goes out in the shade haha!

She often will call me out to "see" the newest blooms! She is like a little child at Christmas! I love it.

 The other day she was outside "looking" at her garden and she called me out to see that she watched a poppy "hatch". The pod popped and as the sun shone it unfurled its petals.

Paint Night: A Gallery of Hawaii

 The other day the rest of the family was sitting and staring at each other (a pastime that I really struggle with...I cannot sit) so I started to do some art with a few of the nieces. Life has been so crazy for us so neither Lady Hiva nor I have done a lot of art, even though we both love it. It was so much fun to just sit and doodle.

That night I had an idea to have a family paint night. We all got together and we painted. The rules were that we had to all incorporate three colors: blue, green and yellow. And the painting had to be something that reminded them of Hawaii. It was so much fun to see everyone paint. From the smallest little people, to the adults. We all came up with some great pieces.

It was a fun night to just sit and talk as we painted.

 While we waited for everyone to eat we drew on the paper we had laid down to cover the table.

 This eye was something that I drew, it started out as a green circle and kept building to become this...haha
 These little kids took it REALLY serious!

Koala Bear was so Proud of her version of the ocean.

"Mango in the Tree" by Dust

 Nancy kept saying, "I can't paint, I can' paint..." then she paints this awesome piece. Yeah, we don't believe you now, Nancy!

"Ocean Landscape" by Debbie

"Pineapple on Layers of Recycling" by J Sione Mateaki who does cement, and decks, and fencing. (He has a very long name hahaha)

"Surf Beach" by Leni

"D' Blue Api" by Lady Hiva

Not sure how the French Flag is Hawaii...but he was excited about it

"A Family Portrait (Paula not included)" and "Beach Sunset"  by Nancy  

"Temple Valley" by Stacy

"Hawaiian Pet" by Lady Hiva

"The Perfect Hibiscus" by Paula

"The Island" by J Sione Mateaki who does cement, and decks, and fences. 

"Sunset at Waimea (aka Fatai's Rock)" by Dust

"Tropical Flowers" by Dust

"Regae Lion" by Fau 

"Tropical Fruit" by Lucky Dragon

"Tiki" by Sasha

"The Real Shave Ice" by Debbie

 I like my Mango in the Tree piece. But I think that I put it on top of the car as we were packing up to leave and then drove off! So someone along the road now has it! HAHA

"Hawaiian Renditions" and "Warm Aloha" by Margaret