December 28, 2018

Celebration of Christmas

Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

The last few days of the Christmas Holiday have been busy and amazing. We had plenty of time to be together as a little family. We went shopping, for just some small things as Christmas shopping was done in November--thankfully. The lines were SO long, I was glad that we did not have to stand in them. I had to laugh as we would walk out of the store passed all of the people still waiting and could think, ' are getting what you deserve' haha. (Not very Christmas like, I know).

On Christmas Eve we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It was a dry night, but the air was a bit chilly. It was, thankfully, not the biting cold it has been in other years. The downside to the weather being a bit better is that there was a LOT of people there. We loaded the two muggles up into the wagon, covered them with blankets and took a tour of the magic of the lights.

Lucky Dragon laid out cookies and milk--I told him that he needed to add some vegetables because I knew that the 'reindeer' did not like cookies or milk. And he was "too excited" to sleep haha.

Christmas day was amazing. Lucky Dragon was so good about getting the presents out from under the tree and passing them out to everyone. After he quickly would open his gifts, he would help Koala Bear open her gifts. Their excitement was palpable.

His favorite pose
Can you see Lucky Dragon's addition to the tree? 

Showing Papa and Pluba the gifts--Kinder eggs are very popular at in our home


Jewlery! She puts it on then walks around saying, "Pretty! Pretty!" 

Lucky Dragon chose the "perfect" gift for mum

Rainbow aviators! "Because mum loves rainbows!" (I think that Lucky Dragon loves rainbows and therefore so do we)

At the end one wrapped gift contained a note to follow the string tied to the front door like in the Disney's version of " The Nutcracker." They followed the string the led to the basement where...gasp...there was a trampoline!! These two have jumped every day. Koala Bear especially loves to jump anywhere--the bed, the loft, benches...on random blanket--so this is the perfect gift and they can enjoy it in the winter with it in the basement.

Having tea with mum

Once all the gifts were open we cooked and then went to enjoy games and gift exchange with Lady Hiva's family. We had a blast laughing and playing the games. These two love being with their cousins. Lady Hiva made sushi for the event--always willing to try something new!

Watch out! Nancy is going to get you!!!

Meet our new nativity! Our friends know we collect them and that we love Harry Potter, so this is one they made for us! We love it!