September 22, 2015

The Giraffe is Tall and the Owl says "Hoot, hoot"

This last weekend we were in Salt Lake City and took Tau'aho to see the many animals at Hogle Zoo. I have not been to Hogle Zoo literally 20 years (or more). The last time I really remember being there was when I won a contest by Arctic Circle (a fast food chain in Utah) to name one of the two new penguins at the Zoo. I entered the contest telling my parents I was "going to name the penguin." Much to their credit, they were really supportive and if they were skeptical at all, they did not show it. A few weeks later the people called to say that I had, in fact, named one of the penguins at the zoo! Poshy was his name. They invited us up for a day at the zoo and I was honored with a trophy and a light blue and white striped bike. I still have vivid memories of that day and trying to ride the bike that was too big for me at the time. Heather and Trevor were just as excited as I was and took turns holding the trophy as I fumbled out of the zoo on my bike.

Now going back with Tau'aho I was really impressed. We have been to zoos and animal habitats all over the world. Some done well and others a bit depressing to see, but we left Hogle Zoo really impressed with the way they display the animals and the quality of education and fun between exhibits.

Our Lucky little Dragon was SO happy to be there. He could not see enough animals and tell us more about them. His eyes would light up and he would say, "There a giraffe!" Or "Take a look, momma, a el-fant!" As we talked about the animals and what they were doing he would keep watch and then tell each of them good bye as we walked to the next exhibit.

 These monkeys were fun to watch because they were really active. Lucky did not want to leave their pens. Later we were shopping and Lady Hiva was looking around the jackets and there was an (ugly) black and white fake fur coat and Tau'aho ran up to it and said, "Daddy, take a look! Its a monkey!" Oh boy!

 We went to a bird show, that we were not expecting much and were happy we went. We saw so many birds and loved watching them soar just about our heads in display. Tau'aho loved the owls and was so excited to "hoot" at them.

Watch this bird pick up the rubbish and recycle it!

I love this photo

He loved seeing the otters and the seals. The way the new habitat is built, you can see the top and below the water and watch as they playfully dive and explore. He could stand there forever and watch. Next was the turtles, It was so fun to see him excited about each animal, giving them all the time they needed to be admired.

We were watching the Polar Bear who had come out to get some sun and Lucky boy said, "Daddy, look! A big blue BALL!" 
 The zoo right now has large dinosaurs around as another educational experience and Tau'aho was scared and fascinated by them! He wanted to be close and watch, but not close, so he would sit and stare as they moved and made large sounds. We cannot decide if he is addicted to the adrenaline rush of seeing something scary or he is trying to decipher his curiosity.

So that one must have been scary

It was a beautiful fall day and our happy little guy told us all about the animals he saw the rest of the day. We love to see the way that he is growing and learning. He loves to sing and will often command that we sing and dance with him. His songs of choice are Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and ABC's. We had to laugh the other day when he was singing and Lady Hiva said, "Phew, you stink!" and he started to sing, to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, "Sticky butt, stinky butt, I wonder what you ah!" He is constantly making us smile--even if he is becoming more opinionated!

SO if you are looking for a place to spend where the kids can be entertained and educated. Hogle Zoo should be on your list. We love it and more importantly, our Lucky Drago loved it.