July 26, 2016

Parades, Drums and Fireworks

This past weekend was the 24th of July in Utah. For those of us here, that is another large celebration for the founding of Utah when Brigham Young led the Pioneers West in search of a place to live (and they chose the desert, not sure why but hey, here we are). Usually I would want to go to Beaver as it is one of the largest celebrations in the state, but this year we stayed in Salt Lake City and celebrated.

One of the highlights was spending time with our Lucky Dragon at the parades--yes, multiple versions. There was a large Youth Parade on Saturday morning and the award winning Days of '47 Parade on Monday. He was, however, disappointed they did not throw candy to him. He kept asking over and over when the candy would come. HAHA (I guess we should have gone to Beaver).

It is amazing to see the creativity of the floats. Some of them were traditional floats honoring the Pioneers and early Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but others took a more modern approach to display their creativity.

Of course, Lucky Dragon was most enthralled with the police motorcycles doing their choreographed dancing/driving and second to that were the bands that played. Luckily there were plenty of both in both parades.


We also did fireworks. We watched the big city fireworks all over the Valley. We also bought some at the grocery store to light. But of course, the complex we live in has them banned, so we went over to Aunt Vyonne's (who lives nearby) two nights in a row to "borrow" her driveway. I am not sure who had more fun, the small kids watching the fireworks or the big kids lighting them!  She is a good sport, she even had a “wand duel” with Lucky Dragon and when he told her he wanted to look at stars she obediently laid on the grass with him while they discussed the universe in the way a 2 year old does.


So, Pioneers, thank you for your sacrifice to walk all the way from your lush green homes across the Rocky Mountains to settle in the desert. It may not have been the chosen place to live but ever since the day Brigham said , "this is the place" we have been celebrating.