July 26, 2019

A Family Raised On A Horse

July is a celebration month for Utah (and surrounding areas). This weekend was the 24th of July. This holiday is the celebration of the Utah Mormon Pioneers arriving in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. THe small town of Beaver, UT--known for its football and outdoor activities in the nearby mountains--has one of the largest celebrations in the state outside of Salt Lake City. There are activities all week leading up to the 24th. Family and class reunions abound. There are rodeos, horse races, fireworks, food, games and a parade. 

This parade is an E.V.E.N.T! There were 70+ entries for the parade. All these entries were armed with candy, toys, plants and curds. Usually it lasts around 1-2 hours. This year they chose our family matriarch, Virginia who is commonly referred to as Grandma Ginger, as the Honorary Citizen to lead the parade. She decided that she wanted the whole family to join her and for all of us to be on horses. We ended up with about 22 horses, one horse drawn wagon and Rocket pulled a float with another group of family. It was quite a production. The best part was Ginger riding her own horse through the parade. She had all her children with her but one (who was supporting her grandkids at a baseball tournament), a large majority of her grandkids and greatgrandkids. It was quite the group. 

Can you spot Dale? 

Mel was not there so she joined as a photo

After the parade we joined the large crowd for the foot races in the park. Koala Bear was all excited to see her mum standing across from us, but when it was time to run she REFUSED to run. Lucky Dragon, however, not only ran with all his might, he actually won!! I was so proud of him for trying and even more happy to see his face when he was given a gold dollar for winning. 

We played in the ditch outside Ginger's house...just like we did when we were kids. It is unusually full at this time of year. 

We skipped the horse races and went up in the mountains and jumped off the cliffs at Three Creeks Reservoir. It was gorgeous! And COLD! The first jump in was literally breath taking, but after that it was not too bad--just too frozen to feel it any more! 

The night ended with a rodeo and some fireworks. It was a fun day!