September 20, 2017

Making Stars

We went to the Lantern Festival a few days ago and it was magical! I have always wanted to do this ever since we lived in Asia and we never made it to the large event they do in Thailand. I was so glad to find one close by to do. We purchased our lanterns (part of the ticket price), packed our dinner and blankets and off we went!

They made a whole event of it. I was only expecting the lanterns and wondered why they wanted us there so early. But they had food trucks and bands and other entertainment while we waited for the night to arrive.

We bundled up and played some soccer, we met the people around us, we cheered like crazy people with the crowd. It was fun to see Lucky Dragon get into it. These little muggles make Lady Hiva and I so happy.

We then wrote on our lanterns and prepared to light them. Because there were so many people we had to take turns lighting lanterns. It was interesting to see all of the people try and light them. Some would not hold the lantern up and it would burn the sides out. Or they would let it go before enough hot air built up and when they let it go it would fly a few feet then crash into the back of someone's head. There for a few minutes it was a mad house with lanterns slamming into people and bursts of fire would flare up. Nothing caught on fire, it was relatively safe, but it was unnerving to have one come at you or catch you unaware.

As all of the lights went up it was magical! I know I have used that word twice, but it truly was. Thousands of lights floating off into the sky as man made stars.

In the end we snuggled up together to watch the fireworks. It was a beautiful day. One that will be remembered for so long. I am glad we did it.