February 18, 2017

Flowers for Valentines

Valentines, as I have said before, is not really a holiday I really get into. But I have tried to make it fun the last several years. This year was exceptionally fun because Lucky Dragon was into it! We had a great time creating the Valentines for him to give out at Preschool. He loved shopping for some Valentine hearts for each of them and then he and Lady Hiva made heart sugar cookies together and he loves to bake. All of the measuring, following a recipe and watching how something comes out of nothing are all fascinating aspects of cooking for him.

We also found the wholesale flower places in Salt Lake City--we have found them in every other place we have lived in and were happy to find some here. Lucky Dragon loved the experience as much as we did. The first time we went he chose some purple daisies he wanted to put in his room and was so excited to have them there! This time he and Lady Hiva went to buy some flowers for me and he also chose some yellow Calla Lilies for his room and some Sunflowers for the kitchen.

I also bought some tulips for Lady Hiva (that were delivered a day late...brrrmp). So I went to buy some flowers to make an arrangement myself. I settled on Dogwoods because we both love them from being in the DC area.

Lucky Dragon caught on and wanted to give a Valentine to his Little Koala Bear and was excited to find a Koala Bear stuffed animal to give her. He also told me we needed to go shop to by Pluba some chocolate too. When she and Kell came up they brought flowers too, so we now have an EXPLOSION of flowers in the house--doesn't take much in a tiny apartment! haha.

So I think he caught on to the idea of Valentines. All week he was wishing people "Happy Valentines Day" everywhere we went. I guess I am not surprised because he is so full of love, why not enjoy the day he can give it away?

February 11, 2017

We Arrived At the Due Date!

Today was our Little Koala Bear's actual due date. That feels weird to say when we have had her in our lives for over a month!

In that month we have seen her grow and hit some amazing milestones that we did not expect her to hit as such a small little package that came so early. She sleeps, eats, sleeps, and poops. All the things we expect a baby to do and we love her for it! Actually, when it comes to pooping and peeing we have been shocked several times when she poops and pees everywhere (usually when we are changing her diapers). We, mistakenly, thought that was only a boy thing! How wrong we were!

We were excited when we went into the doctor today to find out that she has grown almost an inch and weighs 8lbs! There are cute little fat rolls showing up under her chin and on her legs and arms. She has grown out of a few of her outfits already! It is fun to see how excited we get when she makes these simple milestones. How would life be if we were all excited that we all love

She is still tiny and when we are carrying her in our arms people don't believe that we have a baby. They think it looks like we are carrying a doll.

Life feels like it is starting to normalize with two children. Of course that means Lady Hiva is doing most of the work. She is an amazing mum. Lucky Dragon is proud of his little sister too. He loves to hug her and give her kisses. He covers his ears when she cries (which is not often) and is quick to plug in her pacifier when he feels she want it. Night time is really the only time we notice the big difference. When all of us are trying to fit onto one Queen sized bed it gets interesting. We make vows to buy a king sized mattress every night when this happens and that resolve disappears in the day time...and at night the cycle continues!

We have been spoiled by family, friends and people from our congregation over the last month. They have given gifts, brought food and helped in many ways. We have been blessed.