January 13, 2020

Elsa at Age Three!

Our Koala Bear turned 3! It was a day of Elsa. I guess in one way that is fitting, for a January baby there are not many fun activities as there are in the summer when her brother has a birthday--so being able to sing, "The cold never bothered me anyway!" is really helpful. 

When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said that she wanted an Elsa pinata, a chocolate cake, cupcakes with colorful sprinkles, and balloons. We were able to provide all of those requests. Hopefully, we the requests will not get more complicated as years increase! haha. 

We celebrated a few days early with some cousins and she was able to get her chocolate cake and one Elsa pinata. They loved that she was sharing in the love--it is all about the CANDY!

All day she wore her "Elsa Dress" and demanded to be called Elsa wherever she went. She also decided that Lady Hiva is Anna, Lucky Dragon is Olaf and I am Kristof, she will refer to us only by those names. When we played the Frozen II soundtrack she dictated that we can only sing the songs sung by our assigned character. So I apparently feel lost in the woods...a lot...!

 We bought balloons in Elsa and Anna colors. We also set up a doll house. Lucky Dragon was such a good helper as we did it.

 Lady Hiva made a second Elsa pinata from scratch. She was worried that it was not going to be strong enough to hold all the candy. I reminded her the last time she made a homemade pinata it would not break. She was sure it wouldn't because it was only tissue paper. But ALAS...they beat it for quite awhile and it held strong. They finally had to use their hands to just rip it apart! haha.

 We wanted to go to Tracy Aviary, but it was cold and snowing all day. So we decided to go to the SeaQuest Aquarium in the Layton Hills Mall. It was so much fun to feed the animals, pet them and explore the hands on experiences.

Feeding the Octopus

Shark Eggs

 We went in to feed the birds. That was fun until the birds pooped on me. It couldn't just be just one plop...it had to be the bird with diarrhea! It splattered all over me. Luckily, there was a JC Penney there in the mall so I could buy a shirt on clearance.

 We went to the Disney Store for her to choose a gift. She told the worker that it was her birthday--she was telling everyone she was so excited! They gave her a birthday button like they do in the Disney parks and played a happy birthday show for her on the huge screen! That was unexpected and fun.

 She decided to get her Bollywood dance moves on!

Mochi crunch coma!