April 29, 2020

Sun, Puppies, Peacocks, and Miracles

 Surprise! We decided to head to Beaver for the weekend. It was nice to change up the scenery for a few days. Of course the kids loved being around cousins! We spent every waking moment from sun up to sun down outside. Which means we came back with sunburns and dusty clothes--but we loved it.

 Apparently, we cannot stop building things. They were building a tree house and we had to join in on the fun! I cannot even tell you the amount of times that Lady Hiva said to me, "please don't fall" as I was hanging over the edge screwing on a board.

 There were plenty of opportunities to ride motorized vehicles: motorcycles, side-by-sides, 4-wheelers, and segways.

 There were plenty of animals to enjoy too...cows, calves, horses, dogs, peacocks, geese, ducks and puppies. Koala Bear would have sat there all day holding puppies if we would have allowed her to.

 He is really good this the Segways! He thinks he knows what he wants for his birthday now! HAHA

 Lucky Dragon was so happy to pick a bouquet of flowers for his mum.

 We decided to go on a hike up the "B" mountain. It was a steep hike but we all had fun.

 I ended up driving the 4-wheeler down because the kids that rode it up were too scared.

 This big rock below is named, "Alissa's rock." Let me tell you how it got its name. Alissa and her sons decided to come down to Beaver this weekend too. It is always fun to have them. As we were hiking up the B, Alissa rode a short distance with Mandee on the back of the 4-wheeler. The road was really steep and Alissa decided to get off so it was easier on Mandee. When she did, she fell of the back of the 4-wheeler and smashed her face into that big rock. I have never been so thankful someone was wearing a helmet.

 Later, Alissa told us that she had taken a photo of the sign in Madre's house (see picture below) that talks about obedience and sent a text to her friend stating, "I will never see a miracle." But then she relayed to us that as she was on the 4-wheeler she was just holding the helmet but had the impression to put it on. After some hesitation, she obeyed the prompting and was wearing it when she fell off. Had she not had the helmet on, she would have smashed her face on that rock. Instead of walking away with a sore back and some minor bruises she would have been seriously hurt. Talk about a miracle! An immediate miracle. She had to call her friend back and tell her that she had experienced a miracle that day!

There is nothing like a mud hole and some water to entertain kids for hours!~