June 02, 2011

The New Adventure begins with Monk Seals, and Donation from a Homeless Guy

Lady Hiva arrived in DC from Hawaii late Sunday night and we spent the next 12 hours finishing the packing, cleaning and goodbyes because we were off on our new adventure Monday 5pm! I had to work so Hiva did most of the errands, picked me up and we were off to the airport. First Stop--San Francisco.

After all the rush to get to the airport--you know how it is, there is never enough time, too many things to fit into an already heavy suitcase, traffic is horrible (and I missed the exit so we had to detour), and even though you just showered all the exertion made you sweaty and gross BEFORE you even get on the plane!--we sat delayed for two hours because of the tornadoes in the Midwest.

Madre and Kell were waiting for us in San Fran when we landed. It was so good to see them. They came to say goodbye one last time before we skipped the country! Luckily they only brought two small carry-on bags because Lady and I had enough bags they had to order a SPECIAL large taxi to get us into the city!

I worked in the morning so I left early, 7am, to make sure I was not late. San Francisco has a clean, Downtown Manhattan feel to it. Although, I found people to be more open and friendly than they usually are in NYC. Work ended up only being a literally a few blocks away--I have to qualify that it was literal because Lady Hiva, Madre, and Mel all tell me that when I say "It is only a few blocks away" it is 'relative' ha! I decided to eat some breakfast at Subway. As I walked in I smiled and nodded to the Homeless man sitting at a table off to the side. It is amazing how much your mind can process in a split second, because I noticed his dark slacks, ill fitting, old and worn around the knees and ankles. His brown sweater that was well used and a black knit cap. He mumbled something unintelligible and I continued on my way. The Subway worker was Filipino so I was able to practice my Tagalog a little bit. It was a calm and beautiful morning so I ate out on the European style metal tables in from of the store. I was about half way through my sandwich when the Homeless man I saw before walked by me, through a Five dollar bill on the table next to me and said, "Here you go."" and walked off!

I was processing what happened with shock so before I realized that a Homeless man just gave ME $5 he was long gone. My mind raced to figure out what just happened. 'Did I look like I needed it?' I was wearing a suit so my clothes could not be it--although I was wearing the only shirt and tie I could find in the suitcases and Lady told me, very lovingly, that they did not match. So maybe he thought I was fashion disabled. Or maybe I was ravenously scarfing my food down he thought I was in need of more. Madre and Lady both tell me to slow down when I eat. Then my thoughts turned more dark...maybe it is drug money and he is trying to frame me or get rid of it; or it might have some communicable disease he is trying to spread; or he was paying me for a service he thought I offer...YIKES! I stopped thinking about it there and took it inside laid it on the tip jar for the nice Filipino worker.

Madre, Kell, and Lady Hiva went touring the city while I was at work. A tour boat ride around the Bay, a drive on the Golden Gate Bridge, and of course a LONG stop at the Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate. I was thankful Madre and Kell came to do that with Hiva, San Fran is such a beautiful city and she had never seen it. Also, Madre appreciated the Chocolate factory more than me--a non-lover--would.

I met them after work to do the remainder of the tour. Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, and the Monk Seals; complete with the painted statue guys and the bush-man that jumps out at people! All San Francisco musts. We rode a cable car up past Lombard street and got off in Chinatown. Lady and I have become Chinatown Connoisseurs you could say. Honolulu, DC (although DC's does not really count, you need to get out to Falls Church and Annandale to get authentic Asian stuff), and New York City. We love the food, you can get foods from Hawaii like Mochi icecream, Sesame Buns, Manapua buns, Pork Dumplings, and other stuff we don't dare try, but is fun to look at. It reminds us of home. The only thing we cannot quite get over is the fishy smell sometimes.We had only walked down one side of it and Madre was ready to get back onto the trolley!

It is easy to forget what it is like to see things the first time. We are used to the smells, the way the Asians barter, the candy, the kinds of stores that have the best foods. But it was fun watching Madre and Kell wince at the pork ears, chicken feet, and other body parts for sale in the meat shop. Or see Kell shudder when I bite into my delicious sesame seed bun and black ooze from the Azuki bean stuffing leaks out. His excuse to not it eat was that sesame seads will trigger his drivers drug test...SURE! We finished the day with dinner together in Little Italy.

Madre and Kell left--such a short holiday with us, but we were both so thankful they came. It was nice to have a few hugs before we go! Tomorrow we are off to Hong Kong!


  1. PS...We are NOT sure why Blogspot puts everything in Tagalog...Too smart for its own good...highly annoying.

  2. hahahahahahaha, OH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness! I can't stop laughing! You are fashionably disabled Dustin. I'm totally kidding. I have no idea why he gave you $5?? Maybe you looked really hungry... hahahahaha. And YES. Sesame seeds will kill your chances on a work drug test! HA! (It's actually poppy seeds...) but ya know... Oh, this is so funny! Thank you for writing it down!
    Love you guys!