April 29, 2012

Nothing Better than a Pool Party in the Sunshine!

This weekend was a busy one! Baptism, planning a large community service project, Church meetings, helping missionaries, getting ready for youth conference, a pool party, and spending time with friends from Hawaii! We started out Saturday morning with fifty 12-13 year olds and about 20 adults at a pool party. They had a blast! It was extremely HOT but that did not deter them at all!

The activity was designed for them to work on leadership, spiritual and physical skills. The Young Women did several team building activities and the Young Men set personal goals to accomplish in the up-coming week then a few games in the pool. The first game was designed so they paddle out into the pool to get balls with scores on them. But soon after we stated all of them were no longer in the lines to see who was next, instead they were IN the pool! So much for the game, let just swim!

It was non-stop for several hours.  I am sure we all went home a few shades darker and more tired than when we came! It was a great experience.

Then in the afternoon we had some of our really great friends from Hawaii stop by—Jamie-san and Ckaz. It was so great to see them, we have missed having them around.
We are glad to have the work week ahead of us so we can rest! HAHA! We are exhausted, but would not change it for anything! So many happy memories.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! And Kalen looks so much like Jamie now! We miss you guys!