September 17, 2012

The PRE- Mission Training Center!

When I was working with the Young Men and Young Women in our area I had planned an activity that I was really excited about: A mini MTC experience. For those of you that don’t know what an MTC is, it is where all the missionaries for the LDS church go for a few weeks to learn their duties as a missionary and to learn a language if they need to. For our mini MTC, we were inviting all the youth from Pasay Stake to have a similar experience so they can prepare for their missions.

But of course, I was assigned to a different area to serve and did not get to plan this activity all the way…however, Lady Hiva was actively involved as she is now one the of the Young Women leaders. She and the other youth leaders did so well preparing for this night. We wanted the Young Men and Young Women to enjoy themselves, but also have a spiritual experience.

As each youth entered they were assigned a companion (this is why all the missionaries you see on the street there are always two) and given a name tag…one that says they are missionaries in the Stake and future missionaries for the LDS Church. This was one of the most exciting parts of the whole night for them. They all wore their name tags so proudly. I even noticed that the next Sunday some of them were wearing their tags again…

The companionships were given a “batch” or group to join and they all went to their training classes. Every ten minutes they rotated to the next class. They learned about budgeting and saving for their missions, physical fitness and health, increasing your testimony, studying the scriptures, and of course preaching the gospel. All of these classes were taught my handsome returned missionaries that still live with the gospel standards and values even after they return home.

In the end they heard from the Mission President over Manila and the Stake President.  I was so proud of the youth and their excitement about service in the Church. I was also proud of the leaders. They worked so hard to provide a successful experience. I hope that the youth were able to learn something that will help them in their lives…especially as they work to becoming a real missionary!

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