October 06, 2012


I love books. I know I have said that before, but I do. Yesterday we went into a bookstore here in Manila and I loved to see all the books on the shelf. Like a treasure hunt, you never know what surprises lay waiting as you wander the aisles. Both Lady Hiva and I love books and are constantly exchanging good books to read.

We have recently acquired Kindles for both of us, because of convenience. However, I still have a fondness for the paperbound book—the smell, the feel, and the experience. I don’t like to ‘ear-mark’ pages or have a book abused carelessly…Lady Hiva tells me “they are made to be used…” And I love to see books on the shelf in our home. It is true that you can tell quite a bit about people by the books they have on their shelves.

It has now been one month since the official release of by book, WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN. It has been a wonderful learning experience. Throughout the month I have heard from readers via text, email, Facebook, and in person etc. I have been able to see what aspects of my writing and book that people do not like and I can watch for the next book. It has been most interesting to me to hear what parts or characters in the book that readers can relate with.

I had one reader wrote to me and asked if I would contact a person in their community who is struggling with their family current situation. I sent the family a copy of the book with a personal note that I know they can and will have the strength overcome—it may seem rough right now, but eventually it all works out. Other people have written how much it touched them, helped them cope with a current trial, or how they have a new outlook on life due to reading the book. It is fulfilling to see that the book is touching people as I hoped it would.

As reviews show up online on book review blogs, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads, I enjoy reading the readers thoughts, especially those that do not know me personally so I know that it is just the book itself that sets their opinion. (So those of you that have read the book I would love to see your reviews go up too.) One that surprised me is one of my bosses, who is now at another Post found out about the book and put it on her international leadership blog (goes to show that nothing keeps past her--no wonder she is the boss!)

So here is to having great books on our shelves—books that help us become the people we want to become.

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