February 08, 2013

Hometown Diplomat

One of the things that is enjoyable about being a Foreign Service Officer is coming home and being able to talk about the job with people here in the United States.

Last October I was able to speak with several schools about my job and this week I was, through the Department of State’s Hometown Diplomat program, speak with a group of young professionals here in Washington, DC.

They were members of the Roraract Club, DC Chapter. You could feel their energy and willingness to make a difference in the world around them. As we looked around the room, we were a diverse group of people in many ways. But we all shared the common goal to do something for those people around us.

Lady Hiva and I enjoyed getting to know all of them before the meeting and after they stayed to ask questions. (This must have meant I did not bore them too badly! Haha). As they talked about the things that they do for service I was really impressed with them. For example, they go and play bingo with injured veterans in the hospital once a month. What a cool group to be involved with.

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