June 20, 2014

Most Recent Reviews of COUNTING CANDLES

It has been fun to see there are several people reading COUNTING CANDLES. There are more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. But I also am seeing more reviews on book review blogs. I found several while looking tonight and I think that Lady Hiva was getting sick of me finding ‘just one more’ and wanting to read it out loud to her! HAHA

But in all honesty, it is great as a writer to see that the words you put out there for people to judge are making an impact. That is the root of writing—to express something in a way that changes or impacts somebody. The last few weeks have been full of emails, texts, comments and tweets about COUNTING CANDLES and it is exciting for me to see that.

I was telling someone the other day that the characters have become my friends and I find it fun to talk with people who have read the book and hear that they too have become part of the character’s lives. You can see that same effect in these reviews. Some of the reviewers talk about specific characters that touch them.

So if you have read it, I would love to hear which characters have touched you! I have linked several of the reviews here so you can all see them.

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