April 05, 2015

Easter Weekend!

As we are concluding our Easter weekend over here we wanted to share some photos. This is the first Easter that Tau’aho is able to fully participate. Last year he was more interesting in pulling the fake grass out of the basket than anything else. He seemed to really enjoy everything too.

We started out with an Easter Egg hunt with a large group of friends. As we were waiting for the appointed time to start, he found somebody else's basket full of eggs. I turned to catch a few photos of him filling his own basket with eggs out of theirs! HAHAHA. When it was time to do the real hunting, he was the first in line (not because we placed him there either!) At first we were not sure if he would understand the point, but it only took a few eggs and watching the other kids do it and he was off! He saw eggs that even we didn’t see. Then we couldn’t convince him to stop. We all knew how many eggs each child could get to ensure there was enough for all and he wanted to keep looking so as he placed one after another in the bag, one of us would wait until he turned around and throw another one out. It was working until some of the other kids started to wonder why we were throwing the eggs out and began a vulture-like loiter as kids do on a Fourth of July parade!

Drawing with Mum

Trying to see what was in the eggs

Hurry, take their eggs before they come back

Yep, slide that right into my basket

Got caught...

Off to do some real egg hunting

Despite the sun being out, it wind was a bit cold (and we didn’t bring a jacket—I was blamed for that, don’t worry) so we went inside for a bit. It was not long until the Lucky Dragon figured out there was candy inside the plastic eggs and any egg he could get his hands on he was opening—much of the candy disappearing in his mouth faster than we could stop him. The sugar rush went HIGH and then he crashed and we put him in his stroller and two minutes later he was OUT…he totally missed the Easter bunny, so I took a picture with him instead!  

Today we had bought him a few books—about cars and animals, two of his favorite topics and a few about using the ‘big potty’—and a wagon to push. He loves to push things with wheels. Strollers, carts, toys you name it and he wants to push it. So he should like the wagon. Lady has waited so long to give it to him. 

 We came out to do the egg hunt again and after he initially ran to the wagon exclaiming “WOW!” he saw all the eggs. He picked up the first one and shook it and sure enough there were jelly beans inside. It broke it open and ate them all. With our encouragement he took his basket and went to the next egg but instead of placing it in his basket and moving on, he broke it open too. It was soon clear he had NO plan on picking up perfectly good eggs with perfectly wonderful candy and saving them for later! So we decided to pick them all up ourselves before we had a raging diabetic on our hands. Hehe. As we were getting ready for church (we watch conference next week because of the time differences) Lady went looking for him and found him biting into two chocolate bars—true Dragon style. I mean literally biting into them—paper and all! He must have found an egg we missed.



Candy before 0800? no problem

CHOOOCOOLATE! No time for wrappers, just bite right in...

Lady Hiva and I did a photo shoot with him before we went out the door and had so much fun. Apparently so did he. I look at these photos and can’t help but smile. He is such a happy and warm little man. 
Prepping for the photo shoot

Getting last minute instructions...

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  1. I can't believe he made it through all the packaging to the candy. That's my kind of kid. :) Kendall has that wagon and loves it. I'm excited for you guys to move closer!