May 12, 2015

Last Few Days In Europe

Chartres, France

It was effectively our last few days in Europe! And they were not disappointing we binged on good food and took in all of the wonderful sites. We started the next section of the trip by going to Chartes, France. It is a Medieval city that centers around a large Cathedral on the highest hill.

We were referred to Chartes by some of our friends who told us to make sure and see the stain glass windows. These windows have survived throughout the years and have nearly all of the original glass windows from when they were installed hundreds of years ago. The windows depict many Christian stories and life of the Jesus Christ. We were most interested in seeing the window with the Adam and Eve story and the Good Samaritan. They are working hard to restore the large white columns of the cathedral. I actually like the character of the older buildings.

Restoration project

Adam and Eve stained glass

The amazing cobblestone streets and the small shops were fun to explore before we headed back to Paris. Back in Paris we filled ourselves with more French Onion soup and some great pastries. We took a boat tour down the Seine. Paris is such a beautiful place, especially from the water. Lucky Dragon had so much fun watching the boat move and wanting the throw anything he could grab over the boat and run away laughing as we chased him to stop it from happening.

Nortre Dame

We then bought a lock (pink of course) and locked on the bridge. Tau’aho loved looking at the thousands of locks on the bridge and then we let him actually toss the key into the Seine for us. Our little family third wheel…he thought it was great.

We made sure to eat some more chocolate and then packed our bags to finally return to the United States for the last time in a long time. 

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