June 25, 2015

Summer in the West!

There are some things that being in the West is really enjoyable. Some of those include hiking in the mountains and the endless fields of grain.

I was able to spend several hours hiking in the mountains just behind the while temple in Provo. The two jagged mountains meet in a steep cavern and there is a small stream that brings out the melting snow. I had fun hiking and having a great conversation among the shade of the trees.

I forgot how blue the sky in the desert can be without all of the humidity and clouds to grey the scene.

Next to the sky tall mountains there are acres and acres of green crop fields. Last week I made the trip from Utah up to Idaho. Talk about mountains and fields…it was endless. Although the sunsets and sunrises were beautiful—another part of living in the desert that I had forgotten.
Rexburg, ID LDS Temple

So those of you that are looking for an outdoor place to visit—you are welcome to enjoy the mountains and the sunsets with us. 

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