September 11, 2015

Gardner Village--Some Quaint Old with New

The old mill now a restaurant and furniture store at Gardner Village
When I was younger I would go with Madre to see Gardner Village on our trips to Salt Lake City. I loved to see the history of the shopping area built around old homes that were brought from all over the Salt Lake Valley. I especially liked to go during the Christmas Season and see it all decked out in decorations.

I decided it was time to introduce Lady Hiva to Gardner Village a few weeks ago and she has turned into a Gardner Village addict! (Maybe I should have thought more about that introduction!) Since then we have purchased a bed, entertainment center, sheets, toys, books and other items from the many shops--they did well sucking us in and allowing us to spend all our money! HAHA

Gardner Village is owned and operated by a local Utah family. It was built around an old mill that is now a restaurant and a really fun furniture shop. Over the years the property has grown and they brought several family homes from around the SLC Valley to make a small village. Each building is home to a boutique or shop of some kind. There is a quilter, antiques shop, make-up, several decorating shops, candy, ice cream, restaurants and other house stuff.

Of course we ended up starting with the children's toy and book shop. Tau'aho loved this store because, wisely, they had a train set up in the back and he could play while we looked at all of the books (did I ever mention that Lady Hiva and I are addicted to books and can never leave a bookstore without one or two of them?!) After we finally convinced him we would by a "Koko and Wilson," two trains from Disney Junior's Chuggington we could finally get him to leave. We started in the next few stores and he made up his mind that the Christmas ornament shop was NOT as enticing as the trains so he waited at the door of the shop until someone came in, I thought he was just doing his business away from us as he usually does, and when the door opened he darted out. I ran out after him, he was on a dead run to the toy shop. What a good memory! He did not even hesitate, he knew exactly where we were going! I allowed him to play for a few more minutes but then needed to move on.

We fed ducks and he systematically went in and out of every store looking for their toys. Again, the shop owners show their business prowess by having a toy section so kids can play while parents spend all of their money! hehe, that is my fair warning. We liked to see that each shop had a plaque telling the story of the home--where it came from, when it was built, who lived there...

Gardner Village is definitely worth a visit or two. There is now a petting zoo and kids can ride the ponies. They have great food and two big festivals that we would recommend: the Witches festival in October when people come dressed as witches and the place is decked out for Halloween and of course, at Christmas time go at night to see all the lights.

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