October 22, 2015

Family Forever is Real and Possible!

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we believe that the highest achievement in this life, and in our religion, is to have an eternal family—a family that is connected through marriage beyond death.

In order to have this wonderful blessing a husband and wife must be married, called “Sealed,” in one of the temples of the Church. A temple is a one of the more important icons of the LDS Church. Because of the promises (covenants) that we make with each other and with God in the temples, it is sacred and we don’t discuss the details. Temples differ from chapels because chapels are for Sunday worship and weekday activities and everyone is invited. Temples, and the ordinances within, are sacred so only those who are striving to live in obedience to the Church’s teachings can enter. That is no easy thing to do, it means we follow ALL the rules, not just some of them.

Therefore, to have an eternal family is something we work towards. As with all of us, we want to be in Heaven with our families and those we love, otherwise, at least in my opinion, it would not be Heaven. Through the temple ordinances and the Priesthood of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith, we can have that gift. This process is not easy, we have struggles and problems along the way, but we also have so many that are willing to help in our journey.

This last week I was able to witness some special people in our lives make their dream of being an eternal family possible. It was such a blessing to see them full of peace and awe as the four of them entered the temple, dressed in white, and made promises to each other and to a loving Heavenly Father and in return they were promised a life together after this life. What an amazing promise.

I must admit that there were several times I had tears prick my eyes as I saw the many people that came to support this family on their special day. (even when a whole group of us lost our way in the temple stairwell and ended up climbing up and down floors until we figured out which floor had the exit) Again I was touched as I thought about the long, but beneficial journey the four of them took together to be here in this room listening to the ordinances. No matter the sacrifices we have to make it to the temple, those become blessings in our lives and will carry on with us into the next life.

I am thankful that it is possible for my own family to be together for eternity. I want Lady Hiva by my side, her goodness makes me a better person. I am also grateful for the knowledge that Tau’aho and our other children, that have already gone home to Heavenly Father, are part of our eternal family. One day I look forward to joining them and with big hugs telling them how much I love them. 

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