April 05, 2016

BYU--Masters of Public Administration

Last week I was asked to do an appearance on BYU's campus and speak to some students getting their Master's of Public Administration. As you all know, I never shy away from being in front of people! It was a panel of three of us, so the only challenge for me was making sure that I did not talk too much and let the other two have a say once in awhile. hehe (hopefully I succeeded).

It is always great to be involved with people that are educated and striving to make the world a better place. This group is specifically focused on people management--Human Resources and Organizational Behavior etc. I felt right at home because that is where I have my passion too.

There were several questions that we all answered and then we had some specific questions based on our job experience. I had to tease the students at one point because from where I was sitting I could see a few of them nodding off--I guess it was not as entertaining as I thought! But mentioning that I saw them and laughing about it definitely caught their attention--at least for a few minutes! hehe

Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon came to see me speak and I always love to have them with me. They seem to make me a much better person in the eyes of others. With a beautiful and intelligent wife and a smart little guy I can never go wrong!

Overall it was fun for me to hear the questions of people who are gearing up to be the leaders in the world's future and are trying to find where they best can make an impact. It is times like this that I am thankful for them and the way that the world will be in good hands.

I hope that most of all, they learn to believe in themselves, to take risks and to ask for help when they need it. Far too often we sell ourselves short of our own potential because we allow fear to control our progress. It was so much fun. I miss having opportunities to do more influential speaking...(ha! That wasn't a pompous statement at all~!) But truly it is inspiring to see the diversity and wealth of knowledge that is out there waiting to be tapped into.

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