January 08, 2017

If You Aspire To Drive A Truck, Make It A BIG Truck!

Ever since last summer Lucky Dragon has been looking forward to the next round of Demolition Derbies. He also loves to watch "Blaze" on TV and is constantly talking about Monster Trucks. So to celebrate him and the last weekend that he is an only child, I took him to the Monster Truck Rally.

I told him two days before and we went to buy him some noise cancelling ear muffs. After that he could not stop looking at the calendar and figuring out how long it was going to be until he and I were going!

The day of the event he could not contain himself with excitement. AS we walked up to the Vivint Smarthome Arena he did not believe me that we were not watching  basketball..."This is where the Jazz play!" Even after I reassured him I went to the correct place he said, "Well, it looks like a Jazz game to me." He was finally convinced when we walked in and he could see there was dirt where the basketball floor usually goes. Somehow we lucked out again and were sitting very close to the front. Lucky Dragon was a worried a bit about that because when we sat that close at the Demolition Derby we were pelted with rocks, mud and dirt throughout the whole event. But it worked out really well. He saw all of the trucks lined up and ready to participate and he loudly announced (because he had ear muffs on) that "When I grow up I am going to drive a MONSTER TRUCK!" With his eyes widening for emphasis.
Waiting for everyone else to arrive and sit down so it can start!

Grave Digger

I decided that he and my brother, Trevor, must have spent some quality time together on the 'other side' because this kid loves things that I never really grasped onto like Trevor did--rodeo, demolition derby, monster trucks...I guess I am safe for now because it is kind of fun to watch the destruction and my little guy's joy becomes my joy. But I draw the line at WWF wrestling, that is something I won't be promoting! haha.

He chose "his" truck, the Grave Digger, and we cheered for the Grave Digger throughout the night. It was amazing to see the things they do with those large vehicles and then race with smaller vehicles too. They had Matchbox replicas of all of the participants and Lucky Dragon was SO pumped to get a Grave Digger version. When he went to buy it the store clerk asked what he wanted and he simply said, "My truck." As matter of fact as possible, as if she should know that no other truck mattered but Grave Digger! He has slept with Grave Digger, told us multiple stories about what Grave Digger did and did not do. We were also really surprised that Lady Hiva had purchased some other Monster Trucks from a local thrift market and when we looked for them after the Rally we saw she had bought several of the other teams! HA! We had NO idea!

He was SO proud of HIS Grave Digger

It was a really fun evening to spend with my little man. He truly makes my heart happy. I am not sure he understands the drastic way his life is going to change in a few days, but at least we have tried to help him know that he is loved. He even talked me into doing "donuts" with the shopping cart (with him in it) as we went down the aisles yesterday. Then he would score me on how well he thought it was done!
(and if I was to admit it, I, too, am looking forward to Demolition Derby season again...mostly to watch the wreckage...much like I enjoy watching Hockey solely for the fights! The demolition is way more entertaining than the Monster trucks. But I am not really admitting that at all.) 

At one point one of the Zombie's arms fell off...that was a bit funny! (and ironic)

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