December 09, 2011

My 2.365 seconds of fame...

So I really do like Christmas but it seems that I am becoming a bit of a Christmas poster child. From Santa, to being the MC at two Holiday parties, to this video below that was broadcast on social network sites. (See if you can find me in the video) :)

HAHAHA...I can't decide if I was making a funny face at the camera or if they did not like my bald head because they completely cut me out of the first shot! HAHAHA.

I also want to say thank you to all that read our blog, yesterday we passed a HUGE milestone 10,000! viewers! Thank you for being willing to take our journeys with us, we enjoy sharing with you so we don't all feel so far away from each other!

1 comment:

  1. 10,000 people in one day? You should be putting some ads up here, and it could pay for your trip to El Nido! I think the most I got was 850 in one day and that was because a big running blogger linked to me, it's usually more like 150-300 views a day, so I gotta say I'm super jealous.