June 10, 2012

Night of Ballet!

Waiting for the show to begin, obviously being there 5 minutes early is not common.

Lady Hiva and I were able to get some tickets for the Ballet at the CCP—Cultural Center of the Philippines. The CCP is one of those buildings, or group of buildings, you drive by daily and say to yourself  “it would be fun to attend something there some day;” Which is exactly something Lady and I have been saying for the past year as we pass it at least twice a day. Usually it is just entertaining to see all of the people in the mornings using the large grass field and sidewalk area as a park for exercise. But we decided to go and see some REAL entertainment and this weekend the offer was Ballet.

I must admit that men dancing in tights is not really my thing, however, there were some amazing dancers throughout the night. We had forgotten to take our camera, I am not sure if we were allowed to take photos anyway. So I took a few “illegal” photos with my camera so we could share. Sorry the quality is not great, but at least we have proof we were there!

Right before we began, there was a group of college students that saw the row in front of us was empty. Of course, they decided to move over from their seats to get a better view. I would have been alright with that except the guy with the BIGGEST head and the FLUFFIEST hair sat right in front of me! I spent the next few dances swaying left and right to see past Fluffy so I could watch the dances! Luckily during the intermission the couple that was to the right of us moved so we moved one seat down and left Fluffy to block the view of an empty seat behind him.
This is Fluffy and my view!
There were some dances that we a bit long, but most of them were talented. I cannot imagine how much training and stamina it takes to learn some of those moves—I mean how many people can dances on their tippy-toes for almost 30 minutes without coming down? Or spin in a circle about 20 times really fast without passing out in dizziness?

One of my favorite dances was a bunch a little kids that came out and portrayed “Chaos of Manila” and used a large Jeepney and small Jeepney hats to show mimic traffic! It was a fun portrayal, their choreography really caught the feel of Manila. It is too bad the photos did not turn out.
Manila Traffic! Those are Little Jeepneys on their heads and a Jeepney in the background
So we can check CCP off the list of things to do before we leave Manila. I am glad we went; it added something new to our weekly date night!

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