June 22, 2012

When You Look at the Ocean, What Do You See?

Naturally, being in Hawaii for a week, we have spent ample time at the beach. I don’t think I need to belabor the fact of how wonderful that has been. I am sure many of you understand…However, I will share with you an interesting perspective that struck me as we were in the water.

I love the ocean, this most likely is a result of being raised by a mother who also loves the ocean. We would travel frequently to the beach—either Atlantic or Pacific—so we could get our ocean “fix.” After living in Maine, then Florida, and finally for several years in Hawaii, I have become rather fond of the sea. I love seeing the quiet splendor of colors as the sun comes up in the East or to watch the romantic sunset to the West. As we arrived at the beach again I was struck with the beauty. The many shades of emerald green and sapphire blues blending into each other; the lulling rhythm of the waves crashing one into another; the texture of the sand under my feet and the salty taste of the trade winds—it is beautiful.

We took the body-boards out to enjoy the waves and again I was enthralled with the majesty of the ocean; the pull of the water hinting how large the next set of waves will be and the adrenaline rush that comes as you skim the top of the wave towards the shore. I was standing waist deep, letting each wave wash past me as I admired the view and I turned to Lady Hiva to say, “It is so beautiful.” She then let me see of glimpse of what she sees when she is in the ocean. Her take was very different from my artsy admiration.

She asked me if I knew how waves work. Of course I know, one comes in and when it goes back out it pulls everything with it in retreat. Then the next wave does the same thing—like I said, rhythm. But she meant how a wave works. So began literally telling me how it works scientifically. HAHA. The moon on its axis…the molecules of water cells made up of a collection of bonded hydrogen and oxygen. Their movement creates the waves. The colors come from a reflection of the sun based on the depth of the water (or molecules).

It gets even better. When I go to the beach I want a tan! I am supposed to wear sunscreen (which I have been good about by the way) so I don’t get burned. Again, I see the beauty of a tan and the ache of a sunburn. Lady Hiva pitched in to tell me that the UV rays can be stopped by even the slightest layer of coating—it can be anything. It does not necessarily have to be sunscreen! The last day we are here I was out in the water too long and I think my sunscreen wore off…I got a bit RED!! She then explained the redness if from your capillaries exploding! YIKES!! No wonder it hurts!

So regardless of what you see when you look at the ocean—the beauty or the science behind the beauty, it is still wonderful to be here! 
Swap Meet! Getting all our Pasalubong

Some random farmers market in the Mall in Kaneohe. It was so great to see fresh fruit and vegetables.

Visiting Kava and her kids!


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  2. I see sharks, and I taste awful salt. Hahaha, I know I have a problem... I do, of course, think it's beautiful though. I guess I'll always just be more of a mountain girl